New Music: T.I. – ‘Go Get It’

Go Get It

Can’t stop, won’t stop. T.I. is back on his grind on the motivational anthem “Go Get It,” produced by T-Minus. The Hustle Gang leader balls until he falls, flosses until the finish, and stacks millions to the ceiling. “I’m the marathon man/ All I do is run shit,” raps Tip, whose album Trouble Man is due this September.

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  1. Dolce

    Damn I want TI to win, but this sound like the same ol same ol. It might have to grow on me…


  2. Toatzeeroze

    Could not stop playing this after hearing it on the radio.. This is a hit!


    MinajRules2012 Reply:

    @Toatzeeroze, This sucks. I’m sorry just being real.


    Toatzeeroze Reply:

    @MinajRules2012, Okay? I don’t really care.


    SMH at your life Reply:

    @MinajRules2012, so does your fav. just bein real.


  3. Sharp Tongue

    This is the TI I like nice track.


  4. MinajRules2012

    T.I. just needs to go raise his family. I dont think he has the spark anymore.


    C94B Reply:


    Here’s to a post without your queen mentioned in it. Plus here’s to a post that actually makes sense.

    He recently said that he doesn’t really wants to rap anymore. He just wants to make money. Hence the motivational anthems I guess.

    I love T.I., though, and I think this song is hot, I got it on repeat. But I hate when an artist performs without the spark, the artistic hunger, or even the will to be the best.


  5. yooooooooo

    lovin’ it! SO DOPE


  6. Marsha lotus

    Good street record. But not a “radio” record. Dope album cut…


  7. davyd69

    Yeah this is so cool


  8. Oh Please

    You know this shit is iigh when you facial expression is straight as hell while listening lmao


  9. Lauren

    I don’t know what happened to T.I. during his stint locked up, but he just doesn’t have the same fire to me. And to think there was a time when I stanned for him.


  10. MAX

    yeah true i dont think he doesnt got that fire no more but he still better then other rappers . we just need to see how hes album comes out ..


  11. TheDreamer

    I like it.


  12. Tipp

    Tip = king .. He will never loose his fire he is the realest rapper out der . All he said was that he doesnt like the rap game atm mainly to do with with life and fame.. His music will always b amazing .. Troubleman cant fukn wait !!!


  13. GooGle

    I think that he puttin out songs that entertain people of the younger generation …..

    I Personal feel like T.I. is letting me down, I thought he would be the one to Bring back old hip-hop ….
    I think the song is iight …. Just not the
    Hip-Hop that i love to hear !!!

    I believe when T.I. is going in on his bars its just lyrically insane … && that why I am not feelin this anymore
    T.I. Ft Ashanti -Pac’s Life will always be my fav tilll I die && That what I want him to put out … so when he do go people will remember him as the one who Brought HIp-Hop Back


  14. Keiza suleyman

    Man i salute u the bigboy TI homie


  15. alfonza green

    Ppl dnt undastand u hav to adapt to wats got fans poppin and wats flavor hot.dis is his single he will hit every area on his ablum trouble da end of da day his king.keep it pimpin tip da king bitch!


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