New Music: 50 Cent – ‘Leave the Lights On’

5: Murder by Numbers

50 Cent makes the bed rock on “Leave the Lights On,” a freaky cut off his upcoming album 5: Murder by Numbers, dropping Friday. “Girl, I can’t see shit, leave the lights on,” raps Curtis, while describing his bedroom preferences. “I’m not into all of that S&M shit, no leather spikes for me, but you can get your ass whipped.”

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  1. B.O.B.A

    nice sound…kinda reminds me of old 50 :)


  2. Ice



  3. Its the King B!tch.



  4. Jane Doe

    Good luck 50. I kinda miss GGGGGGG- Unit.


  5. E Go

    It’s about time he comes out with some dope shit! #feelinit


  6. BONE

    this is Fifty, no one greater than this smarter rapper. I like him depite haters bad comments. go away if you don’t like him. this is realler circle.


  7. Sharp Tongue

    Yesss I like this.


  8. tgod

    The king forever.



    Love it, Missed THIS 50!


  10. PS

    OMG this 1is hot fif yu back dats wat we waiting 4…,GGGGGGGGGG-UNIT


  11. Tago

    So So


  12. Alicia Keys Once Slept With Derek Luke & Pharrell On The Same Night

    If sex hurts so much why do people have it so much? Think about how many babies have been made just because of a mans urge to bust a nut, then end up being a dead beat. The Amazing Spider-Man was a great film everyone go out and see it. Please bring back TRL!


  13. Many Man

    Feeling This! 50 back


  14. justAmillieBaby

    I feel this yo!


  15. pete

    good good music


  16. Hugh


    Dope song


  17. TheDreamer

    Love it.


  18. kokiz 2am to Loe



  19. pete



  20. tiger lungz

    50 ain’t never left


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