Video: Timbaland f/ Ne-Yo – ‘Hands in the Air’

Ne-Yo and Timbaland

Timbaland and Ne-Yo fire up the dance floor in the video for their party anthem “Hands in the Air” off the Step Up Revolution soundtrack. The beat maestro holds court at the bar with the film’s star Kathryn McCormick, while the R&B gentleman gets his own private show in the red room. Timbo soaks clubgoers with paint as they continue to work up a sweat. The dance-heavy clip features footage from the movie and members of the cast, who wow with their fancy footwork. Make your move.

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  1. TimboDanja

    U, Timothy,


  2. TheDreamer

    The guy and girl dancers in the video are incredible.


    Morsh Reply:

    @TheDreamer, they are the main actors in Step Up 3D.. those scenes are part of the movie


  3. Koso

    I frigging hate these step up movies that leech off the black culture but refuse to have any main black or Latino characters who aren’t just supporting cast members. Really! An urban dance movie that focuses on preppy white kids. eye rolls


  4. True Story

    Queen neyo!


  5. davyd69

    Cool beat


  6. Hugh



  7. Love for Him gdness

    dope Music video


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