Video: Jhené Aiko – ’3:16AM’

Jhené Aiko

Jhené Aiko poured her heart out with a touching tribute to her late brother. While her tears are still drying, she faces an inner battle in the artistic video for “3:16AM.” The 24-year-old singer, who was named one of’s 10 Aritsts to Watch in 2012, shows off her striking beauty in the forest, on the beach, and as she soaks in a pool of water.

The L.A. native gained buzz with the release of her 2011 mixtape Sailing Souls and is signed to Island Def Jam, where she will release her debut album.

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  1. Vitty

    amazing song, amazing video…im so ready for her to BLOW UP!!! AGGHHHHHH!!!


    Reality101 Reply:

    @Vitty, Let the church say AMEN! LOVE this woman


  2. hhhhhhaa please!

    Y-E-S YES!!!! fucking yes! i love Jhene, I cosign and i’m out


  3. Cranberry



    Gene Reply:

    @Cranberry, You say, I say creative…expressionist, artistic.


    Cranberry Reply:



    BeReal Reply:

    @Cranberry, everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I dare you to listen to the songs from Sailing Soul(s) or take into consideration that this is coming from her, no team of lyricist to make her songs, no team of publicist to tell her how to portray herself and no major label telling her what type of songs to make, this is just a girl with something to say. I think she’s a really talented girl and I’m glad her music hasn’t been tainted by the creative box that labels bring. #SouledOut


  4. gui



  5. incognegro

    LOVE IT!!! Thoughtful song and engaging video, both were on point and keep my interest peaked. Way to go Jhene!!! I don’t know if No.ID produced the beat on this song, but I am looking forward to more of this.


  6. Sharna

    Beautiful – i’ve been waiting soo long for this video and it has delivered – Congratulation Jhene on your success and future ventures.


  7. Sjs

    This chick is the truth so refreshing even the video has an appeal that matches Jhene’s unique style. She is like a souled out R & b hippie chick and the music and lyrics are completely inspiring


  8. Old School Era

    This video took FOREVER to come out i kept replaying the teaser over and over for months and now its finally out. This song is incredible


    sovereignrayne Reply:

    @Old School Era, i was right there with you on that replay button… i’m so happy the full video has been released. it’s definitely ear candy.


  9. Freak67

    Great Song and Video!


  10. Indie Reece

    This girl is a born STAR!!! love her… FAN of life…


  11. Meme

    Wow what an amazing song with brilliant lyrics. I was a hue fan of her from ‘Dog’. Cant wait for here album


  12. Brass_knucklez

    I love this woman. So dope.


  13. nyc_ladiie89

    omggg I love it..


  14. INCAS

    would be interesting to see her perform live.


  15. Yup

    Love the video
    Love the song
    Love the message

    I’m rooting for her. She reminded me of a black Taylor Swift when she was in the white dress an curly hair :)


  16. AAA

    wow i like this,its something fresh,


  17. 2bad2bme



  18. MusiqLover

    i love her and her sister Mila J. both have such beautiful voices and in different lanes. jhene is gonna be huge though.


  19. billionaire

    Love the lyrics!


  20. Soaring

    YES!! Wish I could watch this right now but I’m at work. I tell ya, I played that little 1:23 snippet like the rest of the song was magically gonna appear. Haha Jhené is so talented; beautiful and creative. She inspires me with her artistry and I’m a dude.


  21. Kliynnah G

    Good Music Video and I like the song


  22. Gurrrl

    I like how the videos length is 3:16. Clever.


  23. Jsongwriter

    Very talented. Great video. Great lyrics. Can’t wait for the album. #SouledOut


  24. BreezyLover


    Why doesnt she get the attention & succcess she deserves?


  25. @wefounddrugs

    just beautiful. what else can you really say?


  26. SL

    This girl is amazing..


  27. Asa

    Love her.

    Just wish I could figure out what Mila J is up to. Loved her two and both should have been able to at least get their debuts out, but no… *le sigh*


  28. Javis

    one word -> Talented! I also cant wait til she blow up


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