New Music: Lil Wayne f/ Detail – ‘No Worries’

No Worries

With so many remixes and guest appearances, it may have been hard to tell that Lil Wayne’s new single was included on his DJ Drama-hosted mixtape Dedication 4. According to Weezy’s manager Cortez Bryant, “No Worries” will serve as the second single off I Am Not a Human Being II. Produced by Detail, the carefree jam features plenty of sexually-explicit rhymes and witty wordplay from the Young Money captain. Throw your cares away and turn it up.

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  1. Ale

    He could do better this album will flop if he doesn’t release better singles ! Both singles aren’t radio friendly have a bad chorus !!! He needs to go back to Carter 3 & 4


    john Reply:

    @Ale, I get your point but thats the whole point ! he doesnt care about radio hes a rapper not a pop star and thats what he needs to do put out rap music regardless of the explicit language


    Miles Reply:

    @Ale, The Carter 3 & 4 were terrible. he need to go back to Tha Carter 2


  2. Blah

    SMH…THE REIGN is over


    truth Reply:

    @Blah, DAMN HE UGLY!!!!


  3. Ryan

    Wayne can do so much better the money & fame got to his head hes just messing around in the studio

    Like most people are saying he hasnt lost his talent just lost his interest for making quality music


  4. Be3000

    He should just stick to featuring on everybody’s song.


  5. andre

    Great Beat , dope single by Wayne


  6. Monty

    The beat is great, but damn…the over-saturation is becoming sad.


  7. lino

    Over satturation????? Cmon…thts y half thse rapprs fell off..thy stop puttn out music jst bcz thyr hot fr one summer…look at lufa..dipset….gunit….yal knw im rite….ymcmb is putn out music…tht shit b knokng..y complain…..


  8. YoungPereezy YMCMB-MMG Chapter 5

    No worries!
    Weezy’s The Best


    @gzfladiez85 Reply:

    This shit fire “look me in my face I ain’t got no worries…”


  9. Bapai Buliezeo 9-4-2013

    Sounds like he just messing around in this song so I guess he ain’t Got NO Worries @ all. Nice song


  10. john

    this song is fire this is what weezy needs he needs to have no worries and just do his music the way he feels is good and i love it so i have no complaints about the song or the dedication four it was great too so its just pointless to criticize the music man has no worries just let it be it will be an amazing winter for ymcmb


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