Gunplay Threatens 50 Cent: ‘You Might Get Gunned Down’

Gunplay vs. 50 Cent

Gunplay hates 50 Cent and he’s letting the world know that he tried to beat up the G-Unit honcho at the BET Hip Hop Awards over the weekend. The Triple C’s member called into “TMZ Live” today and recounted details of the fight that eventually got him maced in Atlanta.

The Maybach Music Group affiliate claims that he was involved in a five-against-one skirmish with several members of G-Unit, but insists that he did not fire any shots.

“I don’t know about shots fired… All I know is I had to fight off five dudes,” said Gunplay, who “kicked them off in the dirt” and was then calmed down by police with mace.

He maintains the brawl had nothing to do with the Rick Ross and Young Jeezy fight that occurred backstage, but adds, “We just goin’ at it with everybody… Let’s go kill ‘em all.”

When asked what was the specific catalyst for the violence, Gunplay responded, “You got a bunch of motherfu**ers in the place with a lot of money and a lot of egos,” and revealed his own beef with 50 Cent. The MMG newcomer shared that he “never liked [50 Cent]” and that the awards provided him an opportunity to get close and try to “break his fu**ing neck.”

Like his violent name suggests, Gunplay does not back down from a fight. He warned those who try to test him. “You might get gunned down, you never know!”

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  1. Griffin

    Who the fuck id gunplay? Some irrelevant ass bitch. Gun 50 down when your career actually starts


    white hos love BBC Reply:

    @Griffin, lmaooooooo this ngga on TMZ. hell nah


  2. Kev

    Ignant s*it lol it’s entertaining tho.


  3. MmmHmm



  4. Hank

    Yeah, I honestly have no idea who he is.


  5. lol

    If I say I have beef with someone famous will I get on TMZ/rap-up???


  6. Randy

    rap i always thought you were above clipping soundbites and taking them out of context. he did not threaten 50 cent. he was speaking generally when asked a question about his name. yall are better than this rap up.


  7. wtf

    Gunplay go play with ur Toys R US PLAY-gun toy with those rainbow colors and sit the fuk dwn. Irrelevant Dip-shit


  8. chris

    Hip Hop is NOT found on corporate walls.
    The corporations funnel this poison to the African American
    community and it’s sad the African American community breathes it in and identifies it as Hip Hop.


  9. C94B

    I didn’t think the dude could go take that gat and murder Fif but then I saw this picture of him in this page; this man’ll do everything. For anything


  10. Jay-Z

    who is this no name gunplay


  11. ed

    He looks disgusting.


  12. Hugh

    Who is this guy. Talk to me when you sold 25 million albums like 50 Cent.
    Nobody wants violence!


  13. red

    yo 50 you need to grow up my nigga that’s the same shit that Pac did and that shit cost him his life man you got too much money to be involved in kind of shit,that’s y niggas don’t respect you, stop bitching why dont go to comptom and fight Game that’s stolen your van sk…


  14. haha

    I remember when 50 and Rick Ross first started beefing, Gunplay talked a lot of shit about 50 Cent on a video, 50 responded with a video that was filmed after Gunplay’s video, it was Gunplay laid out in front of a club or bar, and 50 commentating about it as Pimping Curly or whatever that persona was.


  15. Mz.Kim

    I just want to start off by saying all of the money these rappers have go back to y’all communities and do something with the youth if today because that’s what it’s about they watch and listen to everything so in my Rodney King Voice (CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG? ) … THIS BEEF SHIT IS STUPID EVEN IN THE HOOD IT’S SENSELESS … Y’ALL NEED TO GET TOGETHER MAKE THAT MONEY TOGETHER & THAT’S THAT. I’MA NEED Y’ALL TI GET IT TOGETHER


  16. Mentamir

    You can get a thug out of the streets, but you can’t get the streets out of the thug… so it seems.


  17. yep!

    Dude who the fuck are you…take a damn seat!


  18. Your Dad

    This article switched up his words ridiculously lol


  19. R to the Y up C sunnie

    That AIn’t no Good to say you might get gunned down or else Gunplay will get his ass whooped by someone


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  21. Tony Swaggavelli

    Yo it saddens me to see all this hip-hop beef ! Niggaz wit’ big money & fame acting like jr. high students.Just goes to show what money & power can do to a nigga.And if the future of hip-hop gone be based violence then I don’t want no parts of it & hope niggaz stop buyin’ these niggaz albulms. The industry ( lables ) may need cut back on how much money these studio/video thugs make cause the mo money they get, the mo beef they get into ! I personally never thought that hip-hop as an art form would be
    used a tool or outlet to the already black on black crime issues we face as AMERIKKKAN AFRICANS……So when the gov. place a ban on rap don’t be surprised cause that’s where hip-hop is headed !


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