Jay-Z Returns to ‘Stash Spot’ to Borrow Menorah

Amit Wehle and Jay-Z

“Took it to my stash spot, 560 State Street,” Jay-Z raps in a memorable line from “Empire State of Mind.” Now the current resident of the Brooklyn home recounts how he met Jay-Z…and gave him a menorah.

Brooklyn writer Amit Wehle shared the unbelievable story with Fuse. Jay-Z’s production team asked Wehle’s brother-in-law (a devout Jew) for a menorah (a nine-branched candelabra lit each night during Hanukkah) to commemorate Jay’s eight-day Barclays Center concert series.

Hov and his crew wanted to light one candle for each night of the eight-concert run. A simple enough request, Wehle helped his brother-in-law out and received VIP concert tickets as a thank you.

That in and of itself would be amazing, but just days later, Wehle received another request from Hov’s camp. This time a film crew wanted to shoot footage for an upcoming Jay-Z documentary at Wehle’s apartment building, which just so happened to be Hov’s old spot at 560 State Street.

Wehle recalls Jay visiting the building and touring the property. “Jay-Z knocked on the door and took the crew on a brief tour of his old place,” he said. “He pointed out where he slept, how he had the place set up with music equipment and where he worked on some of his hip-hop masterpieces in the late ’90s.”

According to the building manager, the rap mogul was a good tenant. “There were never any noise issues,” he said. “He was respectful of his neighbors.”


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  1. Meme

    Rap up where is Rihanna vogue cover post,


    Brad Reply:

    @Meme, wait who the fuck cares


    Curt Reply:

    @Meme, Unrelated comment much? Just google it.


    doubleyou602 - freshed Reply:

    @Curt, lol they woke up on some stupid ish


  2. Fabrice Pancreezy

    Jew-Z si si.


  3. d

    I luv jayz and the whole carter and roc nation family/movement but isn’t that kinds disrespectful to the religion to use the menorah to celebrate something other than Hanukkah? Jus asking bcuz I know he did it in a symbolic way but I want other peoples opinion. NO SHADE ON MY PART I JUSS WANNA KNOW WHAT YOU GUYS THINK.


    ME Reply:

    @d-I think Jay wanted to use it as a religious item to bless his shows, performance, stadium, fans/concert-goers, etc for those eigth nights.

    Also, the writer said it is a religious item but he did not state it had to be used just at Hanukkah.(read the writer’s story) Anyway, he knew Jay wanted of use it for blessings so to answer your question, NO I do not think it disrespected the religion. Just my opinion.


    *_* Reply:

    @ME, STFU. This nigga isn’t even Jewish. How the fuck is he gonna use a menorah, and he doesn’t even believe in the shit!?

    First he’s disrespecting Christians, now Jews? #ontothenextone.


  4. browken12

    Nice Jay!


  5. R to the Diamonds star down to the C way



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