New Music: Sevyn Streeter – ‘I Like It’

I Like It

From behind the scenes to the spotlight, after working with a who’s who of R&B superstars, Sevyn Streeter (formerly known as just Sevyn) is ready to make the leap to solo star with her debut single “I Like It.”

The bouncy track has elements of ’90s R&B and hip-hop, and finds Sevyn belting throughout. She has already established herself as a prolific songwriter and vocalist, working with a slew of established artists from Alicia Keys (“New Day”) and Brandy (“Slower”) to Trey Songz (“Without a Woman”) and Kelly Rowland (“Keep It Between Us”).

The former RichGirl member is signed to Chris Brown’s CBE label in conjunction with Atlantic Records, where she will release her debut.

“Sevyn is such an amazing talent and person. I am sooo thankful she took the time to work on my new album,” said Brandy, while Alicia added, “Sevyn has an energy that is a spark in a room! She is driven and focused like only those who make a true imprint are! I look forward to seeing the mark she leaves on the world!”

In 2011, Sevyn co-wrote Chris Brown’s singles including “Next to You,” “Wet,” and “Yeah 3x.” She also provided background vocals on “She Ain’t You.”

“Sevyn has one of the most angelic voices I’ve heard in a long time,” said her mentor Chris. “She has a lot to offer the younger female generation.”

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  1. Im Me

    I like it…no pun.


    it's me letters Reply:

    @Im Me, I like pun.


  2. georgia23

    YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!!!! I haven’t even listened to the whole song yet and I’m HOOKED!!! I love her voice!!! I love the arrangements and track is CRAZY…. Alright girl you better come out swinging!!! But one thing, KILL that last name. It’s something about an R&B artist with one name that is cementing. Just stick with Sevyn.


    MaZ Reply:


    Totally agree! Sevyn is fine!


  3. #YouWILLDeal

    LOL I MUST SAY “I LIKE IT I LIKE IT” Good work Sevyn Keep’em coming !


  4. TyRek - @YaBoyRek

    I love Sevyn ever since RichGirl. Happy 4 her, can’t wait 4 more to come from her.


  5. Warren

    good sound. Great to see new girls coming with good music


  6. MusicJunkie

    I want RichGirl Back ‘Those Females Were Talented ! & I Don’t Like This Song .


  7. Just_Being_Honest



  8. Sharp Tongue

    I Like It :).


  9. Dave

    YES, my girl is out SLAYIN! I’m so glad she’s solo, even thou I loved RichGirl as a group.


  10. Leaveit2me

    Yawn. Sounds like 100 others tired songs on Urban Radio.


  11. Max

    Wow! I didn’t even expect such a great song!


  12. Mimi

    I can dig this!=)


  13. Meme

    I wonder y she had to change her name. Probably some group name seven already


  14. yep!

    VERY Chris Brown sounding….but I LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!


  15. HeavyHeavy

    Don’t like the name change. I won’t be changing it on my iTunes. I still REALLY REALLY miss RichGirl. But i wish her the best, this song is cool but not first single worthy. Random but i would love a Sevyn and Dawn Richards duet.


  16. OMG

    RICHGIRL need to come back together.. this song is not that good. She needs Rich Harrison in her effin’ lyfe


  17. TRP

    WOW, I’ve always been a Sevyn fan (even back in TG4) but she surprised me with this single. Her vocals are great, the production is great. I’m looking forward to her album, hopefully CBE & Atlantic actually release it…this girl has been waiting in the wings with labels for way too long!
    Like a few people have mentioned, I also miss RichGirl. I think they could of done damage, I really think “Swagger Right” could of been pushed into a bigger urban hit.


  18. bakayoko

    Very nice ;)


  19. Mystery

    I’ve had a love/hate thing for her since the break-up of RichGirl. She’s mainly the reason.


  20. Ray

    I like it, we need this shit on radio NOW! I love her voice, I was a big fan of Richgirl too, all of them are talented.


  21. R to the Sunnie dimondz C

    omg this song sound like you can dance to it and it’s a Pretty good Jam Music for sure ppl will love/like this song. I already knew she was in the Richgirl Group


  22. $igns

    FAIL: why leave the group to sound like the group?? its clear she wants the spotlight, it makes no since for her to be solo HELLO KELLY ROWLAND ;BRANDY; DUH shes not even cute…i think seven was intimidated by the other girls in the group exspecily the lead singer LYNDRIETTE…be real. signing to CHRIS “beatyoass” BROWN LOL!! NOT LADY LIKE, SEEMS DESPERATE. BAD BIZ MOVE.


  23. Demy seven

    Wow i saw this video clip at the beginning of the chris brown
    Concert and i loveeed it !!!!
    Love you chris and sevyn


    Laqueta Nelson Reply:

    @Demy seven,


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