Bruno Mars Rocks ‘SNL’

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars followed in the footsteps of Justin Timberlake and Mick Jagger, hosting and performing on this weekend’s “Saturday Night Live.”  The Grammy-winning crooner showed off his acting chops by participating in several funny sketches with the “SNL” cast and Tom Hanks.

He also hit the stage to perform his latest single “Locked Out of Heaven” and debuted his new song “Young Girls” off his sophomore album Unorthodox Jukebox, due December 11.

Watch Bruno rock 30 Rock.

“Locked Out of Heaven”

“Young Girls”


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  1. J. V.


    This performance was just beautiful. BEAUTIFUL!

    Loved every second of it and he did a great job co-hosting as well!

    So much respect for Bruno — even with the booty popping, lol.


  2. Daniela

    Oh my god.. i just wanna say that was amazing… all the show.. Bruno thanks made me feel so good.. thanks for all.. :) ok.. so corny.. lol was incredible :)


  3. g_music

    his voice is just amazing!


  4. Hey

    He did such an amazing job hosting and performing!!! Love him!! Can’t wait for his album Unorthodox Jukebox..


  5. Kim

    Loved this- i can not help but love Bruno Mars…


  6. Kim

    Loved this- I cannot help but love Bruno Mars!!!


  7. anonymous

    he’s got great pitch and range!!


  8. Mannn

    He can sing ANYTHING! AMAZING!!!


  9. SunnyD

    I luv the “locked out of heaven” performance! I like how the band was bopping and Bruno looking all cool


  10. Lauren

    Absolutely killed it. UJ is ONE album I will definitely be buying this December! :)


  11. mia

    That was absolutely breath taking what a voice and do you imagine how much did he sing tonight, it’s a lot of hard work and his impersonating of bieber, michael jackson and others was priceless.


  12. Sara

    Loooooove that song young girls! What a talented man! Loved the Pandora skit as well!!! Yay Bruno!


  13. Love1

    One word: perfect!


  14. Hoytr

    Young girls is BEAUTIFUL. Cant wait his new album! He has amazing vocals for a pop singer tbh


  15. Jenn Lynn

    That was amazing. Both performances were spectacular. Locked out of heaven has great vocals and his band did a marvelous job. And young girls was just out of this world, so soulful and the plethora of string instruments were fantastic. I love you Bruno.


  16. R to the Sunnie dimondz C

    that was amazing


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