New Music: Meek Mill f/ Rick Ross – ‘Believe It’

Meek Mill and Rick Ross

Rick Ross passes the torch to Meek Mill on their collaboration “Believe It,” one of the cuts off Meek’s debut Dreams and Nightmares, which drops Tuesday.

“I got a bad bitch in my Chevy/ Selling Miley Cyrus in my brand new Monte Carlo/ I got that Justin Bieber, please believe it,” raps Rozay on the Young Shun-produced street banger, while his MMG protégé boasts, “I was selling that white shit/ Ya’ll ni**as had Boy Scout dreams.”


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  1. A$VP Richie

    Mean. Sounds like everything else MMG do but it’s mean



    he had to put FAT A$$ on here that’s the only reason y in my opinion the song SUCKS WET DOG BALLS

    love always,





  4. Twitter- @VoteForObamaHOE

    the song is cool but it sounds like ALL their other music! & I hope we dont keep getting Rick Ro$$ features man collab with other people Meek! But i will be gettin the album tho


  5. udontneedtoknow

    bored after 15 sec ….


  6. Ice

    I hate Meek Mill


  7. K O B E

    LOL. Meek keeps saying that his albums gonna be a classic… um with tracks like these, its gonna be AVERAGE at most.


  8. ricky

    meek went ight reckshop on it


  9. chep



    Thomas Leone Reply:

    @chep, u said everything!!!


  10. mus

    Meek Mill needs to switch things up a bit, the songs are becoming so predictable smh


  11. Beeuy Pretty Sunniz

    he may switch things up for his next album to take it to the next level that he never had done before this song need to change a lit bit


  12. rocco

    ricky ross the boos


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