New Music: King L f/ Juicy J & Pusha T – ‘My Hoes They Do Drugs’

My Hoes They Do Drugs

King L aka King Louie toasts the pill-popping bad bitches on his new single “My Hoes They Do Drugs.” The street banger boasts a sexually-explicit verse from Juicy J (“Got their pu**ys overflowing wet, Niagara Falls”) and a dope verse from Pusha T (“My black girl like to smoke weed/ My white girl like to go ski”). The Chi-town rapper is readying his debut album Dope & Shrimp for release on Epic Records.

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  1. MmmHmm



  2. starman

    this is Heat….. like the championship squad


  3. Tbozfan10

    This is complete trash


  4. me

    shame to this redundant stupid rap music with redundant themes


  5. red

    erm is juicy j another 2chainz? seem like he is on lots of tracks recently.


  6. WhoCares

    Rappers are dumb as rocks. Kids, if you want to die early, do as many drugs as you want. #TRASHCANMUSIC


  7. chris

    chi-town what happened to the conscious flow?

    the beat- sweet
    the lyrics- disgusting


  8. Beeuy Pretty Sunniz

    Never heard of King L before


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