Rita Ora Spices Up ‘Big Boy’s Neighborhood’

Rita Ora

Rita Ora brought some heat—literally—during her visit to “Big Boy’s Neighborhood” on Power 106. The “R.I.P.” hitmaker shared her affinity for Tabasco sauce, which she applies to everything from bananas to bread. Big Boy tasted it for himself and even had his sidekick drink an ounce of the hot sauce while Rita held his hand. He asked her on a date as his mouth was on fire and water was pouring out of his eyes. Did she say yes?

Plus, hear her attempt an American accent and explain how she informed her mother about her meeting with Jay-Z.

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  1. TheHonestyHour

    She has such an awesome personality! When she gets a little better material, she will be unstoppable. Roc!


  2. x

    I love Rita immensely but her wardrobe seems quite bizarre sometimes. Had the chance to meet her and i love her music and personality tho, great girl.keep crankin that good music


  3. Iller

    This is jokes.. love Rita and she’s from my home town


  4. bibi93

    So swag Rita


  5. C1

    She’s such a star


  6. bosschick

    man, rita ora seems cool as fuck she’s so chill and down to earth love her personality


  7. True blood

    I love her personality!!! Plus with her talent she’s om her way.


  8. Susan

    Rita, Rita, Rita. Love her album, and she got swag. Boy boy is crazy lol


  9. #teamminaj

    i love rita she is mad chill


  10. Beeuy Pretty Sunniz

    she seems like a Cool girl to hang out with & Nice interview


  11. Dairin Nasiry

    i was asked to make a fact file for school, so i choose ma fav singer : RITA !!!!
    i love you soo much Rita Ora. xx


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