New Music: Rye Rye – ‘In My Zone’

Rye Rye

Rye Rye keeps it hood on “In My Zone.” The Baltimore MC rips the mic as she reps for her hometown, fires at her haters, and stacks her paper over a sample of Kanye West and Jay-Z’s “Ni**as in Paris.”

“Super late but i had to put it up simply because i love it, i ripped it, and i love KANYE,” said Rye Rye, who is currently on the “Group Hug” tour with Kreayshawn and Honey Cocaine.

The song was originally set to appear on her upcoming mixtape, the follow-up to last year’s RYEotpowRR. “My first mixtape was all party,” she told Rap-Up TV. “But this one I’m going into a vibe where it’s just straight hard. It’s just me killin’ straight hard hip-hop beats.”

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  1. SMH

    Its ok i guess. The most hardest hip hop flow I heard that could have tore a hole in this beat is Kim. Irrelevant or not. She got that rap tone that would hve murdered that beat.


    MinajRules2013too Reply:

    @SMH, Three words: POOR, BLACK & UGLY!


    Tbozfan10 Reply:

    @SMH, Kim Kardashian?


    Asa Reply:

    @SMH, I’d like to see Da Brat doing something on it.


  2. #teaminaj

    i like rye rye


  3. Bella

    “When I check these b*tches guns … no bodies.”


  4. bibi93

    Good song


  5. Taj

    I like it & her entire album actually. I wish she had a big label push behind her to help get her music out there on a wider scale.


    NickNat Reply:

    @Taj, couldn’t agree more. underrated! but if she gets mainstream she’ll be as annoying as most of these other artists.


  6. BTizzle

    Ok, first some of y’all just either “Hate” for no reason or don’t know shit about good music! The song is Hard as shit and is a good song overall. Im a dude but think shes better than half these phony female artist. Second, she’s an Interscope artist, the label pushes her more pop cause her audience (people w/ Money) is catered that way. I hope the label pushes her hip hop skills more than the dance on the next album thou.


  7. MmmHmm



  8. test

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