On Set of Skylar Grey and Eminem’s ‘C’mon Let Me Ride’ Video

Skylar Grey and Eminem

Skylar Grey heads to the backwoods of Detroit in the video for her first single “C’mon Let Me Ride” featuring Eminem. The singer-songwriter has revealed photos from the shoot, which took place last month in Em’s hometown.

Skylar shows a sexier side, wearing a bra and trucker hat as she lounges in a chair. Some of the residents are seen gathering around a BBQ and grilling a squirrel, while one older lady throws up the middle finger.

The song, produced by Alex Da Kid, samples Queen’s “Bicycle Race,” and will hit iTunes on December 11. “The song is something totally unexpected from me,” said Skylar. “Sometimes I can’t even believe that it came out of my mouth. But it did. And soon, it will be in your ears.”

Eminem has signed on to executive produce Skylar’s forthcoming debut Don’t Look Down, due next spring.

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  1. yo

    dang Em looks old


    Dyno Reply:

    @yo, He is 40 doe, he look young for his age.


  2. olle

    man blir gammal av att hata sina drömmar


    250MG Reply:

    hva mener du?


  3. Stealth

    Why don’t they just release it now? Most people only want to hear Em’s verse anyway.Ain’t nobody checking for Skylar.


    Rauno Reply:

    @Stealth, Lot’s of people are. Don’t generalize based on your own rubbish opinions.


  4. Yawn

    Why does Em want to make her happen, she has no appeal what so ever. I will bet that her single and her debut album are going to flop. Just because Em is behind it does not grantee success. I love Em but he doesn’t know which talents are marketable even if they have a lot of talent (ex: slaughter house)


  5. Jay

    I was just looking for this song online. They got it under lock and key. Ha! I wonder if we gotta wait until Dec 11 to actually hear the song though. The video looks like it’s gonna fun! I don’t think Em has ever done a bad video his whole career. Can’t wait to see this one and hear the song!! Em is the greatest!!!! :)


  6. Stealth

    @Rauno if people were checking for her all of her solo singles wouldn’t have flopped.


    commanderofthedancefloor Reply:

    @Stealth, obviously the person who commented to your post is checking for her, so her comment is void because that qualifies as somebody. now have a seat.

    oh and there are artist that have never gotten a top 20 single and they have still sold millions, and for your information also skylar grey has made two guest appearances on top 10 songs, i need a doctor, and im coming home.


    Stealth Reply:

    @commanderofthedancefloor, Her albums have flopped too & those hooks she was on would have sold just as well with another singer. She’s a good songwriter but not everyone was meant to be a successful solo artist. She looks desperate with the new trashy/slutty look & clinging to Eminem because no one was paying attention otherwise.


  7. HUGH

    Always hyped to see Em!


  8. pete



  9. Ro

    Lets be real most Em fans are going to listen to Em’s verse and ignore the album when it drops like they did with Slaughterhouse and Yelawolf. Don’t get why he’s promoting this chick more than some of the acts he’s had on his own label. Dude made better career choices when he was on drugs. Makes no sense.


  10. It's Me

    LOL @ everyone talking about Eminem even though its Skylar’s song. I hope she’s not dating him his fan girls will NOT be pleased. This whole using Em to promote your album may backfire hard.


  11. Tuesdyo Boomz

    can’t wait to see the Video


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