Video: 50 Cent f/ Too $hort – ‘First Date’

50 Cent

The ladies can’t keep their hands off 50 Cent in the video for “First Date,” the latest single off his upcoming album Street King Immortal. The G-Unit mogul makes his way through the club in the Eif Rivera-directed clip, where he parties with scantily-clad women and meets up with Too $hort. Just another day in the life of Curtis Jackson.

[Hot 97]

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  1. umm

    How delightfully vulgar…



    Old 50 is back. Drake’s gonna have to step down…


    Pereezy.Tunechi YMCMB MMG Reply:

    @THEDON, lol You Kiddin’ Right??? 50 is Done, He will never be the same, Drizzy is on Top of the RapGame while 50 is tryin’hard to have a new hit but he’s stuck in the shitty Music. Stay Press and Drink Sperm.


  3. Pereezy.Tunechi YMCMB MMG

    Bye Bye 50, Your 15 minutes of Fame ended back in 2007


  4. Aqs

    50 ain’t so relevant no more, but I don’t give a sh*t, he’s still one of the best rappers ever..
    And this track is hot as hell!


  5. randy

    most successful? absoluelty. one of the best? not even close


  6. da fan

    Da “Im too rich thing”is nt gud for a pre huslter, takes da strret cred away….dat wy Jay Z dnt do it much. dat wy Diddy is nt considerd a rapper and why wayne and Tip are fallin off


  7. Awfulvoices

    lol! 50 is wallin!


  8. tuedsyo Boomz

    nice lyric but he must have miss that Cici of his( Ciara Harris)


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