Pitbull and Christina Aguilera Perform at American Music Awards

Christina Aguilera and Pitbull

You can always count on Pitbull to get the party started. Mr. Worldwide heat up the AMA stage with his feel-good single “Don’t Stop the Party” at Sunday’s show, bringing out Christina Aguilera for a quick performance of their collaboration “Feel This Moment” off his new album Global Warming. Prior to his set, Xtina delivered her own medley of Lotus cuts including the title track, “Army of Me,” and “Let There Be Love.”

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  1. pitbull did it

    pitbull had the best performance of the night..
    buy global warming now.


  2. Zave

    she’s fat now.


    TPS Reply:

    @Zave, who cares if she’s fat or not?
    She always got the best voice on earth and she will ever have


    Zave Reply:

    @TPS, no she doesn’t all she does is screams and hollars!! That’s not singing!!!


    Diana Reply:

    @Zave, KILLER FIGURE,NOW THATS CURVY, sick and tired of fat big girls and skinny girls calling themselves curvy! YOU ARE NOT CURVY! CURVY IS SPECIFIC! Small waist,big butt,wide hips,thighs,breasts is curvy! not a crackhead model or a skinny female flatter than a surfboard or a round ball with no waist! stop calling yourself curvy when ur body is nowhere near curvy ur no marilyn monroe,monica santhiago,coco austin,vida guerra,renatta frisson,andressa soares,mayra veronica,sophie dee,rosee divine STOP IT
    men want meat,only dogs like bones! SHES NOT FAT! no man wants a toothpick skeleton


  3. Name

    Lovely performance from Christina Aguilera :)


  4. Joshua

    I really do love Christina, but her voice sounds SO strained. She needs to seriously rest it up.


  5. DRB

    This is what happens you run your voice into the ground because she never learned how to belt properly or take care of your voice. She and Alicia.


  6. ammy rao

    Mr. Worldwide
    Pitbull over here…


  7. Diana

    Christina the best don’t hate her cause shes perfect


  8. Pour boomz RearzTues

    guess two of yall is a hater Don’t worry about Christina being Fat or not fat worry about yourself


  9. Simar

    A professor at my sochol, W.G. Clark, used to rail on people whenever they used curved lines b/c he know how impractical the construction would be. This does look so cozy though. It also looks like a skateboarder’s dream.Becky


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