Usher Opens the AMAs with Dance Medley


Usher kicked off the 40th Annual American Music Awards with a medley of dance hits off his latest album Looking 4 Myself. The smooth operator started with “Numb” before taking it to the “Climax,” and closing with “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” as laser beams shot across the stage at NOKIA Theatre. Watch Ursh’s electrifying set below.

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  1. AmbeRussell

    he did a pretty good job over all. great showman. sung live, vocals were good enough and the worse part of his singing wasn’t that, it actually brought more to the performance, kinda more emotion in climax when he was running. live music added and made the song sound much better than it could with just computerized beats. then the end was done excellently.he dance better and brought it all out, he had fun and made the performance more intense with the lights and all. kinda sucked at the fact the song listed was already posted prior to his performance, but he made climax new with a remix. the dancing wasn’t 100, but the vocals made up for that. ill give him credit for singing live. B+ FROM USHER or A- and he danced better than justin and sung live vocals unlike chris.
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  2. AmbeRussell

    he did well


  3. AmbeRussell

    dancing wasnt the best, but vocals were there. he did a great performance over all with the lights and making and taking climax to somewhere we havent seen before with live instruments in all the songs and remixing climax and adding choreography. the light show was great and he had fun. was intense and he brought it


  4. Morgan

    Yesssssss, Usher!!


  5. Jay Z

    Wow, a really great performance! The last performance was incredible good


  6. Roro

    He’s truly amazing, he’s upgraded so much over the years when I thought he couldn’t better than he already is.


  7. Gyary

    This guy knows how to put on a good show.


  8. thelight

    proves that Beyonce is still the best performer alive.


    Jay Z Reply:

    @thelight, Usher and Beyonce ——–>


  9. dave

    And that was the amas for me after that i shut it down,and seeing the rest performances today at rap up im really glad i didn’t watch the rest


  10. Jay-Me

    Usher killed it. Wish he performed like that on world tours.


  11. Younes

    Usher is still the King!!! Chris Who?


  12. Pour boomz RearzTues

    Usher, Ti, Chris Breezy,Andre 3000 are the king


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