Video: Big Boi f/ Kelly Rowland – ‘Mama Told Me’

Big Boi and Kelly Rowland

Big Boi serves up a feast for the eyes in the vibrant video for “Mama Told Me” featuring Kelly Rowland. The Syndrome-directed clip was shot in Los Angeles against a green screen.

“The video is going to be a surreal fantasy land, in which me and the beautiful Kelly Rowland are going to really electrify your mind,” said the OutKast rapper, who described the concept of the ’80s electro funk record. “The song was basically an ode to my mom, just a lot of stuff she taught me coming up that made me the man I am today.”

Kelly rocks a blonde wig and feathery coat in her sexy scenes. “I’m so excited to be working with Big on this project,” said the “ICE” singer. “The whole idea behind ‘Mama Told Me’—the song, the feeling of it, the vibe, and now the video complementing the song just takes it to another level.”

Big Boi’s sophomore album Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors is due December 11 featuring A$AP Rocky, T.I., Ludacris, B.o.B, and more.

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  1. david


    Love this VIDEO


  2. mhud

    Queen kelly rowland is fucking sexy n beautiful.Long live the queen.I wonder why would anyone hate on this chick.Shez my everything.


  3. JueLz

    my dear take off that blonde wig……


  4. Baddest

    SO i guess Kelly is getting paid to endorse Remy Martin alcohol. Since it appears in this video and the ICE video… smh The Beyonce’s of the world would never endorse an alcohol beverage. *sips Remy* LOL


  5. posh

    very nice… queen Kelly serving again. the IT girl


  6. Kyle

    I love this video. It makes me like the song a bit more. Big Boi is awesome and Kelly is beautiful so this is a good combination.


  7. C94B

    Wow, it’s been a while since the last time I saw Kelly Rowland, she looks absolutely stunning. And Big Boi is a legend, needless to say. The song is great, sharp rapping and great hook. The video matches the feel of this song. I think I’m copping that album.


  8. HeavyHeavy

    Would of preferred if the video was shot in the streets of ATL with a nice lil storyline. THIS was just boring. Love the song though.


  9. flysly

    this is a Feel good song. Love it


  10. WonderLand19

    I like it. Single material???? Not sure but great album cut for sure.


  11. Loseph Giovanni

    i’m loving that miss kelly is blowing up on all these singles, i’m proud of her. finally….she’s getting that shine she deserves. she looks radiant!!! :)


  12. muni



  13. Hate Nicki

    I love this song so much!!!


  14. Myrl22



  15. Jay

    I love it!! This is seriously one of my favorite offerings from Kelly lately! I have to put this song on repeat. Big Boi killing and kelly looks and sounds amazing! Great video!!! :)


  16. Pour boomz RearzTues

    dope Music Video


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