Alicia Keys Gives a Tour of Her Studio

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys opened up her doors and gave Lara Logan of CBS’ “Person to Person” a tour of her studio, which she calls her “home away from home.” The “Girl on Fire” showed off her collection of art including pieces of Grace Jones, Stevie Wonder, and Whitney Houston. She recalled singing “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” and “Like a Virgin” as a child and spoke on her evolution.

“I was such a different person seven years ago,” said Alicia. “Nothing would stop me from traipsing from here to London to L.A. to back to London to L.A. in three days and not sleep. But to have time to spend with my family and son, perspectives change a bit.”

The new mom shared some hugs with her adorable son Egypt, demoed her iPad app, and performed her new single “Brand New Me.”

The interview ended on the rooftop of the studio overlooking her old neighborhood Hell’s Kitchen and the Empire State Building. “There’s no place like this city and there’s no place I’d rather be,” said the New Yorker.

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  1. Cali Kid

    she is beautiful


  2. aliciasahomewrecka

    yup its the same studio she f’d swizzy while he was married to Mashonda.


    Sidenote Reply:




    CHJ Reply:

    @aliciasahomewrecka, mashonda got over it so maybe its time for you to do the same


    QueenDiva Reply:

    @aliciasahomewrecka, Really…were you there.Get your Life!!!!


  3. Glamour Puss



  4. Pereezy.Tunechi YMCMB MMG

    That’s The Place she makes her shitty musics


  5. Asa

    Not feeling that hair. Not feeling it at all. Pink lipstick is eh too, but the hair is the big problem for me.

    Looking forward to her album though. :D


  6. Me

    I love alicias music…


  7. cryRap



  8. Hate Nicki

    The place looks dope! Too fancy for my taste but still dope. And… she is a home wrecker but who cares about that any more. Mashonda is over it. We all should be over it…


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