Video: 50 Cent f/ Eminem & Adam Levine – ‘My Life’

50 Cent

50 Cent is on the run in the action-packed video for “My Life,” the new single off his fifth album Street King Immortal. The hip-hop titan and his mentor Eminem play fugitives, running from the law as helicopters chase them. The Rich Lee-directed clip, which co-stars Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine, was inspired by life in the spotlight. Super middleweight boxing contender Andre Dirrell also makes a cameo.

“The video is kind of abstract; it’s kind of metaphoric in a sense, like the paranoia of feeling like we’re being chased,” Eminem told MTV News on set in Detroit last month. “Whether it’s true or not, it’s kind of how we feel. It’s kind of a metaphor for us running for our lives. Personal lives and from fame, everything that goes with the game.”

Street King Immortal is due February 26.

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  1. Gab

    50cent doing burnouts with his automatic dodge… what a gaaaaaaaanstaaaa.

    Pop song. Poor rhymes.


    Han Reply:

    @Gab, Adam ruined it even more


  2. k-thai

    gay video.. and the only good thing about the song is Adam Levine, even the beat sucks :) Sorry Fif this ain’t your comeback, try again!


  3. TheNotoriousDJC

    Damn this song is bad


  4. miles

    How is this song bad? I like it. Adam Levine is always great, 50 delievered, and Eminem killed it.


  5. PSE

    I like it. Good vibe, everybody sounds good. Why hate?


  6. Ess

    I like it. It’s nice to see 50 branching out creatively, although it’s obvious that this song was made for the pop-music mainstream. His old formula was great but has been pretty stale for a while. Hope the album follows suit creatively.


  7. JC

    50 & Eminem are priceless artists, no one will ever fill the void they will leave if and when they
    Leave the Game. . . . Regardless, if you don’t like them or their music, it’s quite simple, DONT LISTEN!


  8. Aqs

    Amazing song


  9. paranveer sethi

    i love 50 cent and have a crush on eminem


  10. 700detroit111

    when will Fiddy upload the official HD version of this video on his youtube channel?
    This version’s quality & sound is quite low.


  11. KFan

    Eminem’s part is best


  12. DSJFKHNNGVID09283U847

    slim shady’s part is the best of this vid


  13. anamo

    eminem’s part is THE BEST.
    eminem always has the coolest part in feature videos


  14. mynameiswhatmynameiswhomynameis SLIM SHADY!

    eminem likes his part to stand out. That’s why


  15. QQLOL

    this video reminds me of space bound and a bit of 3 am too


  16. pete

    recovery left over,new day was a detox left over.why cant they just do the music which made them famous leave pop shit alone rap is dead


  17. Justine

    I love this!


  18. Hugh

    Em is back!


    gurlal Reply:

    @Hugh, where did he go you idiot? Don’t talk if you don’t know what’s going on. He was in America on Earth the whole time. Think before you speak noob.


    Steve Reply:

    @gurlal, what the hell, are you high?


  19. Tony

    @gural This is the first new verse em has put out since September so…it had been a while. Bad meets evil came out in the summer of 11 and since then em has pretty much chilled so its been a minute since we’ve heard from him.


  20. johnob

    about time he dissed game and buck


  21. pour Boomz RearTue

    wow nice work


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