Bruno Mars Performs ‘When I Was Your Man’ on ‘The Voice’ Finale

Bruno Mars

In addition to Rihanna, Bruno Mars rocked the stage on Tuesday’s finale of “The Voice.” Backed by two pianists, the dapper crooner performed his new song “When I Was Your Man” for the first time on television.

Bruno’s critically-acclaimed album Unorthodox Jukebox debuts at No. 2 this week with 192,000 copies sold.

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  1. Triniti

    #2?!?! Who the hell is above him?

    Anyway, love this song. Great album.


    Gino Reply:

    @Triniti, your mom


    Nina Reply:

    @Triniti, Taylor Swift unfortunately… :/


  2. angelo

    one of my favorite songs of this entire year,
    good job bruno



    he can sing really well. sounds the same on album, good performace. why they kept showing christina


  4. vladica07

    Great performance and I love this song,one of my faves off his album :)


  5. rasha

    what a performance bruno, and that taylor girl’s album is #1, I am so sick of these little girls buying the shitty music of singers like bieber, taylor or that british band, can’t remember their name, any way these are great sales for bruno, his debut just sold 55k in its first week two years ago.


    Wellalright Reply:

    @rasha, I so agree with you! He came along way to


  6. TonyAng

    What an incredible song and artist


  7. Nina

    He did pretty good considering he was sick last week :) Glad to see his album doing well too.


  8. Jay

    Great performance!!! Man, that boy can sang!!! :)


  9. Jay

    …Also, the lyrics to this song are so deep. I wonder if this was really about a girl he once knew.

    Happy Birthday Christina!!!!:)


  10. Proud OF Soidloah boy



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