Video: Mya – ‘Mr. Incredible’


Mya dims the lights and sets the sexy mood in the vintage video for her sultry jam “Mr. Incredible.” Rocking an Afro, the foxy lady soaks in a bathtub wearing only jewelry and pearls as she whispers sweet nothings on the phone. She retreats to the bedroom where rose petals are laid out and strolls on the sandy shores. The sensual clip is dedicated to her fans to thank them for supporting her 2011 album K.I.S.S.

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  1. Im Me

    Mya what is goin on with your career? You have so much potential. GET SERIOUS HOE.


    Asa Reply:

    @Im Me, Fund her career completely and I’m sure she’d be doing more.

    smh, people these days. Acting like doing music is free.

    Half the time when artists go independent, their “fans” don’t even know they’re still doing music.


    collegesophmore Reply:

    @Im Me, i understood you comment until you said. hoe..


  2. Deejay

    Great song, Mya is always great when it comes to her music.

    Where can I get that album KISS, is it an physical form?


  3. jojo

    Love the Video and concept!! and i love the song even more!! KISS


  4. nikki

    My fav song is CAN I but i also like this song to off KiSS


  5. celina

    mya looks amazing in this video i really love this song i need to buy this cd because of this song


  6. moe

    omgosh i didnt know mya had a cd out!! i love this video and im in love with this song its on repeat omg love her





  8. Toncho Chong

    I love this song and video..The cd was a breathe of fresh air LOL


  9. Xocio

    You can get physical autographed copies of the CD on her official site or digitally on Itunes its Really worth the get.


  10. Jay

    I love Mya’s voice! This is a really nice song! It’s kinda soothing. I love Mya’s music, but I really wanna see her in more movies too. She’s such a great actress as well as a singer. :)


  11. Chan



  12. Jesse

    Search online for Mya’s music…. “Illumanti” has taken over mainstream music, all the demonic symbolic imagery/messages don’t lie… it is the music business after all, talent don’t mean ship in this industry!! She’s totally independent now and out the country with alot of her music I assume because dumb ass Americans don’t know how to appreciate ship anyway not to mention Motown phucked up her career by keeping her album shelved at her time of hype….


  13. LaMont

    I love this song,I’m so glad she came out with a music video for it.This is my favorite song on the album.I wonder why it took her so long to do a video I mean the album is like a whole year old now.If you don’t have the album(K.I.S.S.) you need to get it cause it’s off the hook fo’real.


  14. Pround Siodler Mun Boy

    Nice Music Video and aslo it Remind me of the 1970′s Music video


  15. drae

    mya is a 10!


  16. kiki

    why is this now coming out now mya need to make more videos for all the song on Kiss


  17. davidjohn83

    love u mya! thanks


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