Usher Makes a Move in Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl Commercial


Usher lends his star power—and dance moves—to Mercedes-Benz in an action-packed commercial for the Super Bowl.

The R&B superstar, who is nominated for a Grammy at next month’s awards, shows off his fancy footwork on the dance floor in a dream sequence promoting the CLA-Class, Mercedes’ all-new four-door coupe.

The star-studded clip, which is set to air on Super Bowl Sunday, also features appearances from Kate Upton and Willem Dafoe.

See Ursh make all the right moves in the extended spot below.

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    Usher is fading away since he is “managed” by Grace Miguel.
    Nobody is checking for him anymore.


    Ant Reply:

    @YOUR FAN, Um just because he’s not in the spot light at the moment doesn’t mean no ones checking for him.


    Jay-Me Reply:

    @YOUR FAN, Well you clearly are.


    Prouy of Uk 2013 Reply:

    @YOUR FAN, that his Girlfriend so clearly U checked for him


  2. OMG Just Google Kelsnetwork and see what happens!

    the commercial is epic!if only the car could actually turn you into a superstar..


  3. Good Stuff

    What is this ? A cameo is a commercial ? Usher career has really went down the drain. He was chasing something that he already had by jumping on this dance movement trash. He was already a super star, known by the world, by doing honest good RnB music. By him chasing something he thought he needed, hes going to lose what he already had.


  4. Schwag

    who gives a fuck about usher? That car looks SEXY and the most basic model is 30k, i can make that shit in a month ma nigga


    X Reply:

    @Schwag, stop hating. Usher is great.


    Prouy of Uk 2013 Reply:

    @Schwag, clearly U do cause u comment other while U wouldn’t comment on it Big BUm Dummy


  5. X

    He looks great


  6. Prouy of Uk 2013

    nice Car & he look Nice


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