New Music: Drake – ‘Started From the Bottom’

Started From the Bottom

You won’t have to wait until Grammy night to hear new music from Drake. The Young Money rapper jumps the gun and debuts “Started From the Bottom,” the first single from his upcoming third album. The former “Degrassi” star stays on his grind on the Mike Zombie production, reflecting on his journey from living in his mother’s house to becoming a global superstar.

“Started from the bottom, now we here/ Started from the bottom, now the whole team fu**ing here,” he spits on the catchy chorus, while pledging his allegiance to his crew. “F**k a fake friend/ Where your real friends at?”

He also posted a letter on his blog October’s Very Own addressing his return to music and all the hard work he put in to his career. “I did not buy my way into this spot and it was the furthest thing from easy to achieve,” writes Drizzy.

A video for the song was shot earlier this month in his hometown of Toronto with director Little X.

What do you think of Drake’s comeback record? Listen to the song and read his letter below.

My good friends,

It has truly been too long. I assume you’re all keeping well and making the most of this year that has been given to us. Today is the day to begin sharing my newest work with you. This is the first single off of my upcoming album. I feel sometimes that people don’t have enough information about my beginnings and therefore they make up a life story for me that isn’t consistent with actual events. My family and my second family (consisting of the best friends anybody could ever have) all struggled and worked extremely hard to make all this happen. I did not buy my way into this spot and it was the furthest thing from easy to achieve. I am proud of every part of my past and I’m excited for this song to find a place in your life as well. I didn’t feel I needed any interviews or radio or press to launch this song. It felt right to come back to the site that I started on and release it to the people that started here with me. Judging by this post, the tour that we’ve been planning, the conversations about new songs and album artwork…I think it’s safe to say we’re back together again. Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

“You don’t have to ask me how I’m doing…just listen to the music” – K.Samir

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  1. Hi

    Ehh not really feeling this..seems like he’s trying to be something he’s not. This style doesn’t really fit him, IMO


    Mike Reply:



    RZA Reply:

    @Mike, You sound like a little girl lol please stfu


    MJ Reply:

    @Hi, I completely agree. I love Drake, but I’m disappointed..


    flushthisshyt Reply:

    @Hi, Mobody HATIN! If Drake didn’t repeat the same verse “started from the bottom now we hear” a million times, then maybe it would be a cool song. 90% of the song consist of that verse!


    8ball Reply:

    @flushthisshyt, fans gone always cosign songs regardless if its hot or not. The song lacks lyrical content.


    drizzyyyyyy Reply:

    @Hi, drake i luv u but you didnt pen this song. should have just been instrumental if u just gone repeat the same lyrics over n over.


    Love Reply:

    @Hi, agreed. doesnt seem like him and it’s quite weak and dull


  2. Kwayzee

    like the song. but not as a single.


    Trev Reply:

    @Kwayzee, absolutely agree


    deelee Reply:

    @Kwayzee, agree


  3. Middlefinger

    It’s a not bad, it will grow on people soon they always do


  4. LT

    It’s ok, I’m expecting a Wayne feature since Lil Wayne is the Best Rapper Ever


    Molooder Reply:

    @LT, Please go play in acid.


    Mr Nice Watch Reply:

    @LT, HA


    Pereezy,YMCMB MMG. Good Kush & Alcohol Reply:

    @LT, You My Ni**a, You Know what Real Hip Hop Is


  5. Hugh

    I’m on ONE


  6. shell

    sorry this is not cutting it as an leading single


    Mr.Miller Reply:

    @shell, Im with you on that


  7. Gyary

    Of all the tracks in his upcoming album that could also have been the lead single, Drake chose this one… hmmm…


  8. Julian

    Drake on this “hard” tip


  9. [email protected]

    he act like we been missing him…u still have music on the radio from ur last album u just put out in 2011….take ur time honey take ur time!


  10. TK

    people said the same thing about Over, Headlines and now SFTB…i figure it’ll grow on people and you’ll catch yourself saying “starddedfrudabuttomnewyeah” in this weird new voice of his lol

    Ps – his throw aways>>> his single choices


  11. C94B

    I’m a Drake fan, but I must admit, this might be the (musically) weakest solo single I’ve ever heard from him.

    He’s on a constant quest for respect & credit from his Hip-hop peers. In the past he said he no longer randomly checks himself on Google, Twitter or any other site/social media site. But I’m convinced he does it. I bet he can’t help doing that cause the boy needs to feel loved. And I’m afraid these blog jabs & disses may have gotten the best of him.

    Not only that, but he’s getting paranoid. As of late he rocks “No New Friends” shirts & always says in his songs lyrics that go in that direction. I think he might become withdrawn.

    The dude has an incredible earning potential (in my opinion he isn’t even halfway, if he carries on), because he’s one of the very few artists labeled as “rappers” who truly crossed over, who could collaborate with a large scope of pop artists successfully. But the contempt of the Hip-hop heads & other Hip-hop artists (at least these are legitimate, they are technically on competition) is the price to pay. I don’t think you can’t have both mad pop music paper & unanimous respect from the Hip-Hop culture. Not that early in your career, not when you’re that green.

    At least the letter sounds (/looks) like him.

    Wait & See



    AmbeRussell Reply:

    @C94B, he has crossed over and is a modern day example of a cross over act who kept doing him and not change his sound or image.


    waterbringer Reply:

    @AmbeRussell, I would say T-Pain fits into that spectrum as well. If you look into his albums


    C94B Reply:


    He did change his image, though. Not the sound, as the whole “Drake sound” is backed by 40, his producer. But you can’t deny that not only there’s been a change of image, but a change of character.


  12. azebracuntnaj

    maybe he meant. STARTED AS A BOTTOM



    Tanya Reply:

    @azebracuntnaj, lmaoooooooooo


  13. Sharp Tongue

    Not feeling it.


  14. SIRION

    feel it


  15. Rhett

    This is not first single material. It’s not bad, but ….. the hell were you thinking?


  16. Brass_knucklez

    This shit is fucking classic hip hop


    2short Reply:

    @Brass_knucklez, how a song classic if someone repeat the same lyrics over and over. He aint sayng nothing on this song but started from the bottom now we here


    Brass_knucklez Reply:

    @2short, it’s called a “chorus” you silly hoe.
    In case u didn’t know the chorus is usually repetitive, and catchy enough to have simple bitches like you singing along after the first listen : )


    3888 Reply:

    @Brass_knucklez, U dumb as f@ck to think this song is a classic. What”s so classic about a hip hop song in which the artist sings the same verse throughout the entire track? U need to take your brass knucklez and bash em through your speakers cuz you obviously dont know what classic means. u da only FAN that will be playing this track 10 years from now. lol


    ymbcmd Reply:

    @Brass_knucklez, dude started from the bottom now we here is not a classic verse. other than that verse what certifies this joint classic. lmao


  17. Andrew

    O….K….Drake. Whatever makes you happy, you weird nigga.


    Jay-Me Reply:

    @Andrew, LoL


  18. Brionna

    Not a single… did Cheef Keef write the hook? I didn’t know Drake could make bad music but it’s a first time for everything I guess. It’s just ok


  19. Speechless

    It’s ok. The beat is kool I guess…


  20. Mr. Fye

    He said New Flow, but this is Used Flow


  21. Mr.Brooks

    baddest rapper alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #nuff said!


  22. channelPink

    I don’t know what I just listened to.


  23. MC

    The clubs and radio will eat this up. Perfect 1st single. Not meant to be deep with tons of wordplay. Just a fun song


  24. Hollup

    didn’t good till he added rhythm to it towards the end when he tried to sing. otherwise it sounds like a drunken tone deaf rant


  25. dave

    Straigt garbage,flow sounds a little like cudi


  26. Kevknows

    The T-Dot nigga done it again. If you don’t replay this song. You aint shit.


  27. CBE Forever

    Im not drake fan but this will be played on the radio a lot and it will grow on people.


  28. Pereezy,YMCMB MMG. Good Kush & Alcohol

    To many B*tch a$$ haters on here.
    Man , This Record is fire, Yall Gon’ be Fuc**n with it, as soon as possible.


    Hank Reply:

    @Pereezy,YMCMB MMG. Good Kush & Alcohol, Gay.


  29. saadkid08

    I like this. It gives me a no lie type of feel, it will be a banger.


  30. #RihannaNAVi



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  32. Music

    Drake’s doesnt make singles , he makes album so you will never hear his song go no 1 on billboard 200


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  34. Chris

    Remember when Marvin’s Room first came out and everyone was hating on it? How many of them ate their words once the album dropped? Totally gonna happen here, I’m calling it.


    lol Reply:

    @Chris, Just cause we don’t like the single doesn’t mean anyone’s saying the album’s gonna be bad. A lot of people didn’t like Timberlake’s new single, but will they still check for the album? YES. You ain’t callin’ sh*t. Everyone knows that artists don’t release their best songs as singles these days.


  35. Farah

    Fuuuuck the haters .. Drizzy IS BACK BITCHIES!!


    Nathan Reply:

    @Farah, Basic ass, easily satisfied bitch. Weak tracks like this are what’s ruining hip-hop.


  36. unknown

    What y’all sayin’? This joint dope…*bumpin’ head 2 track*


    Ice Reply:

    @unknown, Co-sign, I was noddin my head on first listen. I like it better than when Headlines first dropped.


  37. D.kellz

    As much as I like Drake and I appreciate all his music because he is a real lyricist but I am not feeling this song as a single and to be honest not at all. I was waiting on Drake to drop some fire but this is more of a mediocre song he just put out.But I will still and always support his music because I am a big fan of his. And I also know his album will be good as always.


  38. Drew

    it’s eh…ok. chorus sounds like it was co-written by 2 Chainz…musically it’s pretty wack. People will like it just because it’s Drake. Radio stations will play it because it’s drake.


  39. philly11



  40. RP

    Looks like you got some haters, Drake. I like it and I appreciate your work. I’m sure we’ll all start hearing it on radio this week, looking forward.


    ok Reply:

    @RP, Just cause we don’t like EVERYTHING Drake puts out doesn’t mean anyone’s a hater. That’s the problem these days. Ya’ll amp these celebs up so much, it’s getting ridiculous. He’s made better than this and this isn’t single worthy.


    Heather Reply:

    @RP, That’s right. Everyone who isn’t lapping at the heels is “hating.” Simpleton.


  41. Lisa

    Conceptually, lyrically and musically, this is underwhelming. Nothing about this track excites me. I know Drake can do a lot better than this. Don’t play your fans like that…


  42. tune

    I think it’s hot, but it would’ve been better if it was longer


  43. Julian

    Fuck all of y’all niggas.
    Regardless what you say, this record is about to be a fuckin’ hit like every Drake song.
    October’s Very Own all day.


  44. Tanner

    Its aight, just a warm up I guess


  45. wole

    i believe this would be good for clubbing


  46. ahahahhaahahahah

    I like it then im looking like ehh…it has to grow on me im just not used to him rapping like this that’s it


  47. Kimbo

    uhm…. this is not Drake right?


  48. VMili

    i love this, Drake had such great lyrics on Take Care and I’m happy to see he’s developing but keeping up with the lyricism


  49. Chicago

    Is it me or is he swagger jacking J cole?


    Raj Reply:

    @Chicago, Niggas said “Miss America” was a mistake for J. Cole but are eating this shit up. Also, where has Drake started from the bottom of? The bottom of the upper-middle class?! Bitch , please.


    Chicago Reply:

    @Raj, lol Ikr


  50. Trace

    “Started from the bottom?”

    This guy is a fraud and you dickriders treat him like he’s the second coming of Biggie or Pac. Raised by a WHITE mother in an AFFLUENT neighborhood of CANADA.

    Song is terrible as well. Too repetitive. Stick to making love songs, bitch.


    Sheed Reply:

    @Trace, i dont think its the greatest song…i dont really like it but i cud see why a more hiphop drake fan would like it…i really prefer him singing…he needs to do an rnb album…hes voice sounds good over slow production with chords and piano…like marvins room….


    $how-money Reply:

    @Trace, i AGREE, have you ever heard Drake talk? he talks like a white guy, then gets on records like these talking bout “nigga this, nigga that” with his Chief keef/ trinidad james accent.


  51. innocent

    i truely love itm good job and keep it up.


  52. sighs*

    this shit sounds too forced.


  53. Jay-Me

    I’m not feeling this or Drake, or any Cash Money artists for that matter any more. Disappointment understates how I feel.


  54. Marc

    love this


  55. Oh God Why

    Another Rick Ross/Lex Luger Style Beat that’s been overused over the last 3 years… He should’ve stuck with 40


  56. @pablowHOOD

    jealousy !!!! just listen and shut the f up !!!


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  59. Superiority

    W to the E to the A to the K.





  61. Prouy of Uk 2013

    dope Song


  62. Nicky Nanov

    The instrumental is good,but the lyrics are fucking boring!


  63. therealbabyb

    Doesn’t sound like the Drizzy I know. It’s always good to try something different, but he sounds too commercial now.


    spitthermal Reply:

    @therealbabyb, fuck you


  64. RocNation

    it’s good trying to do some different. The chorus has been stuck in my head all day!!! #OVO


  65. spitthermal

    luk yall fake fans…drake said this album gon be different and this is it..its very catchy and good for a single…….ovo year 2013


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