Beyoncé Earns Rave Reviews for Super Bowl Halftime Show

Destiny's Child

The Ravens weren’t the only big winners at Super Bowl XLVII. Beyoncé scored a touchdown with her fans, critics, and peers with her show-stopping halftime set at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans on Sunday.

The verdict was unanimous—everyone from her sister Solange to former Destiny’s Child diva LeToya Luckett to First Lady Michelle Obama raved about the performance. Even rappers including Fabolous, Diddy, and Machine Gun Kelly were stanning for King Bey.

Her proud hubby Jay-Z, who doesn’t tweet often, returned to Twitter to praise Mrs. Carter: “Lights out!!! Any questions??” he wrote.

But not everyone had nice things to say. While she gave props to Beyoncé, Keyshia Cole called out Michelle Williams for her part during the Destiny’s Child medley. “Then Michell sung and woke my ass up from my daze! She always fuckN the groove up,” wrote the blunt songstress.

See the glowing reactions from Twitter.

Jay-Z: Lights out!!! Any questions??

Solange: No. One. Better. … By the way…. Black girls ROCK, and I couldn’t be more proud to be one tonight!!!!

Michelle Obama: Watching the #SuperBowl with family & friends. @Beyonce was phenomenal! I am so proud of her! -mo

Justin Timberlake: Yes, B. Yes. Roasted that… #KINGBEY

Diddy: King B is my fuckin Hero!!! #KillinIt

Oprah: BEYONCE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big Boi: Shawty shut shit down literally #BeyonceBowl

Nicole Scherzinger: Beyonce just slayed super bowl half time!!! #beyoncebowl!

Kim Kardashian: OMG Beyonce killed it!!! And when Destiny’s Child came out…that made my life! #Bootylicious

Frank Ocean: bey bodied dat … destinys child super bowl swaggin

LoLa Monroe: She ate that up

Sevyn: Beyonce is the greatest!!! #InAmazement

Bridget Kelly: There is much to study and learn from the Queen. She’s truly a master.

Tamar Braxton: I needed that!!! Yaaaas GAWD!…….now BACK to my Ravens :-)

NeNe Leakes: My mouth is still hanging! Beyonce is AMAZINGGGGGGG #SB47

Bruno Mars: Beyonce got some stamina ! I’d be coughing blood by now

Eve: Who gave B shit for lip syncing??? She just MURDERED half time!! Love the Destiny’s Child moment

Meek Mill: Ms carter b killing killing shit!

Jazmine Sullivan: She killed! Good nite!

Nina Sky: Beyonce won The Super Bowl. #gameover

Santigold: @Beyonce killed it! Such a great performance! Show ‘em what you workin wit!

Machine Gun Kelly: Beyonce is now a legend. That was insane. I feel like I witnessed a moment in history. … That was the best performance I might have ever seen besides this one Michael Jackson show he did in Europe I saw on DVD. … Beyonce was a real mufucka for what she did with Kelly an Michelle.

Leah LaBelle: wow. Beyonce. the shit.

Elle Varner: Turnt OUT

Fabolous: Beyonce continues her streak of rights… No wrongs.. Jus right after right after mafuckin right… #QueenBey

LeToya Luckett: I.N.C.R.E.D.I.B.L.E. #soproud

Timbaland: now dats a superstar

Trey Songz: Ain’t nobody sangin (or performing) like B…she’s phenomenal. The best to do it, ever.

Jessie J: Goosebumps!! @Beyonce a superstar right to her fingertips! #superbowl

Omarion: Beyonce is really just mega star sheeeshhhh. Loved the #dc segment.

Nelly: WOOOOW!!!!!!!!! halftime show my AZZZ that was a concert!!!!! They killed it!!!!! CRAYYYYYYY!!!!!!

Gabrielle Union: DESTINY’S CHILD!!!!!!!! Gimme LIFE!

Adrienne Bailon: The BEST to EVER DONE IT! #Beyonce #KingBey … The Best Halftime EVER!!!

Keyshia Cole: Fuck that shit up then Beyonce! Bad bitch central #AllGirlEverything … I think I was frightened to blink for a sec. Then Michell sung and woke my ass up from my daze! She always fuckN the groove up … But hey! I love y’all too! And y’all girl is WACK and always will be! #Boss!!

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  1. Critic

    Bey is a legend.

    Ain’t no way around it.
    She’s so respected by her music industry peers.
    Flawless halftime show.


    nickcarter Reply:

    lol at ol camel jay tweet. that nig doesn’t even kno to spell right. ahah aha
    and beyonce is ok but is waaay overrated!


  2. Mimi

    She really killed it. Now Beyonce is for me a legend, in my eyes shes the best entertainer of our generation. But MJ Performamce will always be my favourite


  3. Xhir

    But Keyshia makes her money on perm boxes though … Michelle is Destiny’s Child , you’re FRANKIE’S child , remember that …

    AnyWHORE . Halftime show was phenomenal , I loved EVERY MOMENT and it’s no shade , but I think Kelly and Michelle sounded good doing Single Ladies . My life is now complete .


    BrunoBruno Reply:

    @Xhir, you aint wrong about keyshia cole she a has been artist just hating


    Meme Reply:

    @Xhir, I am crying. Lol. She worrying about Michelle she need to worry about them album sales. Ppl always have neg things to say about Michelle but she balances out dc3. I love her to death. She did a great job.


    Xhir Reply:

    @Meme, RIGHT ! Each of those ladies bring something special and unique to DC including Michelle . If people took the time out to reasearch , they’d know that Michelle fucking SLAYS ! Keyshia was just tryna generate publicity for that flop of an album she has . She even went as far as to post a link to it after she came for Michelle . At the end of the day you know what Michelle is doing ? Making that fucking money and not worried about the next bitch ! Lol


    Antony Reply:


    Michelle has a Grammy, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and IS apart of Destiny Childs? She should be happy she is performing at the Super Bowl this is a great accomplishment for the African American woman. We all know she isn’t the best of vocalist, but neither is Keyshia herself.


    Ursula Reply:

    @Xhir, Was Keyshia drunk? She must have been because I couldn’t tell what the hell she was talking about.


    Ursula Reply:

    @Xhir, What I don’t understand is why people are going so hard on Michelle when it wasn’t her moment in the first place. Clearly she was a guest in Bey’s set and people would have been complaining if DC didn’t reunite. Michelle’s strong suit is Broadway, ‘single ladies’ is not her song or routine, so kill all the unnecessary criticism about her.


  4. nickiSlaysme_

    *drops mic* WHATT !


  5. Meme

    I’m curious as to why a first single wasn’t release ahead of this performance and performed during the half time show. Apart from that, everything is falling falling into place, her team is doing a great job. I’m tearing up all over away. Only thing we need now is a unbelievable first single and for the album title to be ‘King B’.

    P.s why hasn’t rihanna congrats beyonce or send out a tweet. She’s always praises beyonce publicly. Must have been scared after that performance


    eere Reply:

    @Meme, stop making assumptions and judgments about what rihanna did or didnt do. you dont know these people, youre a fucking commentator. learn your place.


    tune Reply:

    @Meme, “King B” is a wack title for her album





  6. otherthingstodo

    She may have been good for Beyonce but a lot of football fans were making sandwiches or grabbing another beer. About 30 seconds into her performance and I was looking for better things to do.


    Critic Reply:

    @otherthingstodo, you have better things to do YET your commenting in this post. Bey has your mind. Begone, peasant. Bey reigns.


    Twista Reply:

    @otherthingstodo, And yet you still made the time to bring your ass in here to comment. Amazing. Seems like you failed to find something else to do.


  7. Jay-Me

    I’m glad to see so many people givng her props for being the legend she is. Keyshia Cole is too funny for that Tweet but people need to leave Michelle alone. She will always be DC. Loved their bit.


  8. You Thought It I Post It

    Why am i not surprised by this post! Not to sound salty or come off as a hater but of course everyone will be raving about her performance since they practically forced her promotions down our throat including the aftermath reviews that follows such as this one in which we cannot escape!

    How i feel: Her performance was ok nothing i haven’t seen on her world tours. Had she been flying, outfit lit up, more fireworks, and newer songs then in my opinion she would’ve delivered an incredible performance! However, the only thing that sparked my interest is the stage and it’s color! I give her performance 3.5/5!

    Need i remind some of you where your faith should be…God is the only Idol not Beyonce or Rihanna! Have a good day!


  9. Tara

    I was singing and dancing the hole time! Loved it!!!!!


  10. A mom

    The super bowl is a family event so the halftime show must be appropriate for everyone. Love Beyonce’s music and show. Just wish she was more appropriately dressed for the children out there watching.


    F U 2 All The Haters Reply:

    @A mom, ohh shut the fuck up, then we all wish that ur vhild seen her pussy and what, get over it hag-a-muffen


  11. miss juicy



  12. Redchainsaw

    She could’ve at least spelled her name right Michell :/


  13. GSTAR

    all eyes on superbowl while africa is starving.


    sserw Reply:

    @GSTAR, man, this was an impressively ignorant comment. it doesnt even make sense. are you implying that the world should not host celebratory events because “africa is starving”. like what does that even mean?


    sserw Reply:

    @sserw, i mean you do realize that people in africa host events, concerts, and have as well right? or are you just posing as a philanthropist when really you have no clue about africa?


  14. Kyle

    I think Keyshia should’ve kept her comment positive because it’s going to reflect bad on her but if anything, I give her credit for giving her honest opinion. I love Michelle, I really do but she is always just so out of place. Watch the performance again and ONLY focus on Michelle and her facial expressions. She lacks the fierceness that Beyonce and Kelly have when peforming. Did you see her attempting the “Single Ladies” dance!? She could’ve at least whipped her hair a bit more. #FAIL.


  15. SynceR3

    B did a dope job!!! But why people mad at keyshia for saying what most people was thinking!!!! I got to admit Michelle look a tab bit out of place but thats her lol … If you ask me they should of had Letoya and Latavia come out and make it epic!!! but it was a good show tho!


  16. pez

    Yep, Beyonce and the gladiators battling it out in the Superbowl; good combo. Are you kidding me? What beer drinking, football fan wants to see her? Seriously? Just for the girls who were stuck watching the game ,I guess.


  17. lovelikejeffery

    Is It True That Beyoncé’s 1st Single Is Called: “King Me”… Because Everybody Keep Saying That The Single Comes Out Sometimes In February and Album In April???


  18. Andy

    “By the way…. Black girls ROCK, and I couldn’t be more proud to be one tonight!!!!” Yeah, and white girls SUCK??? Fucking idiot -.-’


    KaramelKisses Reply:

    @Andy, idiot, they were saying “black girls rock” because ALL of the entertainment was performed by stunning, strong & talented BLACK women … beyonce, kelly, michelle, alicia & jennifer. please GET a clue.


  19. Prouy of Uk 2013

    some people had go Ham on Keyshia Cole -G. something gonna back to bit keyshia cole in the Ass. Beyonce & destiny’s Child did Good Job Performancing


  20. Nicky Nanov

    And what was Blue Ivy’s reaction?


  21. Jay

    That was one of my favorite performances ever!!!! I love Beyonce!!!! DC are seriously my favorite girl group!!! The ladies killed it!!!! I don’t think anybody is as excited as I am for Bey’s new album!!!!! :)


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