New Music: Juicy J f/ The Weeknd – ‘One of Those Nights’

One of Those Nights

Juicy J makes his way out of the club and has “One of Those Nights” on his trippy new single featuring The Weeknd. The dark record features the Canadian crooner’s haunting vocals, while the Taylor Gang affiliate pops champagne and blows weed. Get lost in their seductive song.

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  1. T

    I like this. I just may buy Juicy J’s album if he keeps it up.


  2. Morgan

    Not a big fan of either, but I really like this.


  3. Still Amazin

    I like how The Weeknd singing and in the background Juicy J saying “YEAH HOE!” Lol. I like this!


  4. bon

    Juicy J is making a classic.


  5. Ice

    Get that radio exposure Abel!


  6. kate

    abel i love you


  7. Shutterbug

    At first I had my worries about this (keep in mind I’d been a Three 6 fan, sticking around even after the Oscar win and even through “Lolli Lolli”)

    Checked this out…it actually sounds pretty decent. Like it could’ve been on “Last 2 Walk.”

    Hope DJ Paul does a verse for the remix…also hope that remix is a bonus track on that Three 6 album comin’ out hopefully by Christmas.


  8. Mikayla

    I’m actually really feelin this song


  9. lhBADA$$

    guuuuuuuuud muzik!!!!


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