Tamar Braxton Announces Pregnancy

Vince and Tamar

Tamar Braxton’s album has been delayed, but for good reason. The “Braxton Family Values” reality star has announced that she is pregnant and expecting her first child.

The 35-year-old singer was joined by her sisters and mother while making the announcement on “Good Morning America.” “I have a love on top. I’m pregnant,” said a glowing Tamar.

She showed off her baby bump in a white Alexander McQueen dress and Jimmy Choo heels. She also took to Twitter to post a pic of her husband Vincent Herbert holding her stomach.

While she wouldn’t disclose exactly how far along she was, she did say that she was due soon. “I don’t have that many months to go. I’m almost there,” said Tamar.

She has been feeling the side effects, which include an increased appetite. “I feel great and greedy at the same time. This is the most I’ve eaten ever.”

In other good news, Tamar has also signed a deal with L.A. Reid at Epic Records, where she will release her new album Love and War. While no official announcement has been made yet, she did tweet, “#BeEpic!”

Her single “Love and War” has also been re-released to iTunes under Epic, home to Ciara, Future, and Jennifer Lopez.

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  1. MC_fan

    I hope she doesn’t act as ugly as a mother as she does as a person on t.v.


    Jade Reply:

    @MC_fan, that’s exactly what I was thinking!


    Glamazon Reply:

    @MC_fan, Correct If I’m Wrong But Didnt She Say She Didn’t Want Kids.Maybe Vince Forced Her So When Tamar Gets Successful,She Woudlnt Leave His Ugly Ass.


  2. One



  3. Anthony

    Damn why the hell is everyone getting pregnant


    Lipstick N Pistols Reply:

    @Anthony, Its APART OF LIFE.


    jay Reply:

    @Anthony, prolly coz all of them are men.hardly any of the female celebrities today are actually women but transgendered.the trend is to wear a baby bump harness to convince the public you are what you appear to be,but the cats out the bag.There is long secret gender celebrity list blowing the whistle.the braxton’s fam including toni are trans.the kardashian’s are another gender-flop,at least they admitted they may look like men.Remember the tv comedy show girlfriends featuring 4 beautiful sisters,turns out these “brothers” are beyond passable.lol.rhihanna,nicki minaj,
    keyshia cole,mariah,sanaa lathan,tyra banks,
    lady gaga,sarah silverman,pink,kerry washington.Can’t name them all here.Peace!


  4. Drew

    Prayers up for this baby to look like Tamar. It’s fine to get pregnant if you’re MARRIED, something this generation fails to comprehend.


  5. MusicJunkie

    Career Is Over.Com


    Lipstick N Pistols Reply:

    @MusicJunkie, i was waiting for somebody to say something like “career is over” the same way yall did when yall found out LoLa Monroe was pregnant….. Yall think that women in the industry cant be mothers but i dont know why when there are countless numbers of women in the industry who are mothers and are still successful? Look at Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson, Madonna, Britney Spears, Whitney Houston the list goes on. Parenthood does not slow down success. As Long as they prioritize and stay focused they can still remain successful.


    MusicJunkie Reply:

    @Lipstick N Pistols, & They All Waited Gor There Career to jump off before they got knocked up . She’s not even luke warm yet & decides to get knocked up








  8. Chyenne

    congrats tamar!


  9. youuMADtho?



  10. Diego

    As much as she bitched about new music doing a showcase all this talk and now she knocked up smh I’m done cant watch this Braxton family values show she just gonna be loud and wining about being pregnant her over extra ass smh



    BEAUTIFUL . . .


  12. ♦CorCor♦

    I know dam well she married him for money, because he aint nothing to look at >__>…


  13. mal



  14. shandrika james

    Congrats tamar and vince im so happy for you guys


  15. Unbreakable Bonds

    Awww leave vince alone, he’s handsome in his own way. However, tamar is a little bratty and annoying to watch and listen to. I wonder how he manages her arse around him. Just wondering to myself.


  16. heyjoe

    one of them is looking like a horse. Go Silbur!


  17. mimac

    Such mean comments and such a hateful people. So sad. Until you can love others, I promise you will always hate yourself.


  18. Heather

    Wonder what changed her mind about the surrogate mother …. perhaps trying to become more likeable to those who will potentially purchase her album? I hope this makes her less vain and shallow but somehow I doubt it will.


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  21. REAL

    look how tamar sat down on the sofa jst ike beyonce did only she pop down,,, but WENDY DAMN WIlliams said prego women dont sit like that… GET CHO LIFE


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  24. DIANE

    As Tamar says to all you haters: “Get yo life.” and stop hatin’. She is who she is and it’s enough for Vince, so all you haters “go home” as Trina says.


  25. Natasha

    Some of y’all sound like a bunch of haters. Let the girl live damn. Mf can’t be happy for anyone. So happy for you Tamar and Vince congrats!


  26. Daneen

    Happy for tamar and i feel she will be okay and she has a good man and a great family that is truely blessed am happy for tgem and wish them all the best .com


  27. me

    Is it me or does Tamar look like one of the characters in “White Chicks”. the makeup is awful, the sisters have horrible weaves but Toni remains nice acting and better. I just don’t like the way they all capitalized on Toni Braxton’s fame. Nobody is hating, believe it. Most women can have a baby. I had mine married in the right way too.


  28. marderium

    How she sign with epic. I thought she was signed under Vincent and why the hell she gone get pregnant and the album ain’t even came out yet. As a fan,IM very diasappointed


  29. My Opinion

    Vincent needs to lose that weight for his health if them people on biggest loser can lose the weight and he is rich and can higher a trainer it is no reason why he is still big? How he going to run around with a two year old with all that weight or be around. Tamar you love him you need to worry about him and not yourself…


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