Nicki Minaj Visits Lil Wayne at the Hospital

Nicki Minaj

Lil Wayne is getting lots of love from his friends and family. In addition to the outpouring of support on Twitter, some of his YMCMB fam stopped by Cedars-Sinai hospital in L.A. over the weekend.

Nicki Minaj came by to check on her boss on Saturday evening. TMZ spotted the rap diva arriving around 8 p.m. bearing a balloon bouquet. She left in her white Range Rover about an hour later.

In addition to Nicki, Drake, Birdman, and Clippers star Chris Paul have all visited Wayne in the hospital.

“S/O @[email protected],” tweeted Birdman.

Weezy is currently recovering from multiple seizures. He was released and then re-admitted to the ICU on Wednesday after his bodyguard found him lying unconscious on the floor.

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  1. Francis Jr

    nicki is such a cutie supporting wayne. #YMCMB Forever i hope wayne get well soon


  2. fat amy

    Awwww now thats luv loyal to Wayne no matter wat happens she always there by his side#YMCMB #RichGang #YM #CM #Prettygang #Teamminaj


    Lol Reply:

    @fat amy, Well of course she will


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  4. juels

    meanwhile tmz’s weak lying ass is still covering the story. bunch of damn dorks and nerds working there.


  5. ree ree

    the queen checking on the king i luv them get well wayne!ym


  6. Kurt

    Lil wayne PLEASE DIE


    Tamar Reply:

    @Kurt, You should never wish death upon someone.

    Anyway, this is very cute and loyal. How can someone hate on this?


    Wole Reply:

    @Kurt, lol u are very stupid for wishing death to someone. im agine them doing it to your fam. you need to really think about your life honestly


    vmili Reply:

    @Kurt, that’s the worst thing you can do, regardless if it’s lil Wayne or someone you don’t know, you should never say that to ANYONE


  7. nicko

    THAT is loyalty :) Queen Nicki showin love to her mentor AKA the President. #YMCMB #RICHGANG #TEAMMINAJ



    Get well soon wayne.we all love you but Jesus loves you more.Welldone Minajesty.


    TIFFANY Reply:

    @JESUS IS LORD, The KING Jesus!


  9. ,.

    love and respect i love that,keep doing you thing Nicki.


  10. Middlefinger

    lol the nigga that videoed this was hiding, listen at the end he was spotted *smh*


  11. @taimiicel

    that just how the queen does…


  12. charles

    Wow I rly hope he gets better


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  14. GSTAR

    not a lost in HIPHOP! sorry


    rebecca Reply:

    @GSTAR, ymcmb its not hip hop. its just rap. believe me, its different.


    yo momma Reply:

    @rebecca, whatever you wanna call it, it still fucking sucks.


  15. BLAQ

    Lil Wayne Get well soon.we all love you ….keep fighting in there you’ll soon come out… you……just can’t wait for you to be back on stage.


  16. lisa

    Lil Gayne sucks, his rap is horrible, especially his crew, they all fucking suck at rapping, they ruined music (:


  17. AttentionSeeker

    No one else arrived with big azz ballons and looking DEAD INTO THE CAMERA for attention. Tsk.


    TJ Reply:

    @AttentionSeeker, Stop trolling. The only person looking for attention here is you…


    Justkitten Reply:

    @AttentionSeeker, ha! mmmhmm


    AttentionSeeker Reply:

    @Justkitten, You know they sell balloons INSIDE the hospital. Tsk. Tsk.


    fuck peace Reply:

    @AttentionSeeker, was agreeing with you


  18. AttentionSeeker

    HAHAHA You mean visiting someone you know in the hospital is called loyalty? hmm.


  19. GSTAR

    oh sorry its CRAP lol


  20. Tricia

    Lil wayne my prayers and thoughts goes out to hopefully u get well soon your fans wanna see u do your thang come on and get well:)


  21. Rasmus

    Hoping these seizures bring back some hunger to Waynes music in the future. Next album prolly the same as the singles.


  22. Fa

    must be a childres hospital cause she is dressed like a clown!
    Kim Clone Clown


    Sister Reply:

    @Fa, All clowns carry balloons.


    Jade Reply:

    @Fa, K


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  25. Sister

    I truly believe that Nicki Minaj is so happy that Lil Wayne shot his last video with her. She is gonna pimp that so hard. Remember, I said it here first.


  26. Bill

    Good Promo for his Album!


  27. Yep

    Being paparazzi has to be the most humiliating job smh


  28. latrisha

    good promo..shout out to nicki minaj for surpportin lil’wayne


  29. A Bad Bitch

    She visited him just to have sex with him…


  30. ♦CorCor♦



  31. SOS

    she and her ass going different directions.Ooops fake ass problems…


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