Lil Wayne Released From ICU, Upgraded to Stable Condition

Lil Wayne

Things are looking up for Lil Wayne. The Young Money mogul has been transferred out of the intensive care unit at Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles after doctors upgraded his condition to stable.

TMZ reports that Wayne has been moved into a “regular room” at the hospital and no longer requires full-time supervision.

He is also reportedly walking around and eating on his own, and could be discharged from the hospital in the coming days.

In a call to Angie Martinez earlier in the day, Birdman said that Wayne had been in the hospital since Tuesday after suffering a single seizure.

He also denied reports of a drug overdose. “It had nothing to do with drugs,” said Baby, attributing the hospitalization to his work ethic. “It’s more of not getting the proper rest.”

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  1. DRB

    Birdman and co. have been lying and covering this up so I hope he’s doing well but I’m not buying it wasn’t a big deal and he’s been ok since Thursday.


    Rich Reply:

    @DRB, Agreed. They are a bunch of goddamn liars.


  2. ,.

    that,s good to hear..and f-ck tmz and anyone who,s with them.


  3. BKNYgrindin$

    nicca almost died drinkin that b.s cash money vodka

    fuck is gtv, drink that shit and have seizures like wayne? never that


  4. BKNYgrindin$

    Baby gets his own tupac catalog if Wayne dies.
    He’ll own it all.
    Wayne is worth more to Baby dead then alive.
    Tmz is a bunch of faggots by the way.


  5. MusicJunkie

    TMZ WAS TELLING THE TRUTH & Baby & yhem was tryna cover it up .


  6. Swag_2013

    Yes!! Now he can get back to making incredible music. I am not a human being II is def. the album of the year. Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive.


  7. pete

    album sales


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