Lil Wayne and Birdman

Birdman Says Lil Wayne Is in ‘Good Shape,’ Refutes Drug Reports

There have been conflicting reports surrounding Lil Wayne’s health. TMZ claims that he is still in intensive care and being watched closely six days after being admitted to the hospital. But Birdman called into Angie Martinez’s show on Hot 97 to tell a different story.

According to the Cash Money boss, Wayne has been in the hospital since Tuesday after suffering a single seizure (TMZ reports multiple seizures). “All the stuff people is saying, there’s no truth to it at all,” said Birdman.

“He’s doing much, much better and he’s in good shape right now,” he said.

He refuted reports that the seizures were triggered by an overdose of codeine aka “sizzurp.” Instead, he attributes the seizure to his work ethic and dedication to music.

“It had nothing to do with drugs, no such thing like that. He work ’round the clock. He’s just a hard grinder for this music. It wasn’t nothing about no drugs.”

Doctors have told Weezy to take it easy. “He just needed to get some rest, relax. Take it one day at a time. He’ll be back to normal as anybody else.”

He downplayed the near-death reports. “He never was in that kind of situation throughout the whole few days we’ve been in the hospital. He never been about to die or nothing like that.”

Weezy was on his way to shoot a music video when the seizure occurred. Birdman acknowledged that Wayne had suffered seizures in the past, so they knew what to do. “This like the second or third time, so automatically we just lay him down and we called the ambulance and get him to the hospital.”

Doctors have given him medication, but there is no immediate solution. “This is nothing that they can cure. It’s out of our control. It’s something we have to live with and maintain. They can’t tell you nothing, but get some rest and change what you been doing.”

When asked about the sizzurp reports, Birdman responded, “I really don’t know, but you really don’t want to see nobody doing that or something that could be harmful to you in any kind of way. But at this point, that’s not what they’re saying the cause of what’s going on. It’s more of not getting the proper rest.”

He may leave the hospital as soon as Tuesday once doctors give the OK.

Birdman also chided TMZ for scaring his fans and family.

“He’s in great health and he’ll be home soon,” said Baby. “Thank everybody for the support and the love they’ve been giving to him.”