Chris Brown Sits Down with Matt Lauer on ‘Today’ Show

Chris Brown

As part of his overhauled image, Chris Brown sat down with Matt Lauer for a candid interview on the “Today” show. Unlike past visits, no question was off limits. Lauer grilled him on his 2009 assault on Rihanna, their on-again relationship, and how he plans to move forward.

“I’ve been humbled by the whole experience, from me losing everything to me having to regain public opinion or whatever it is,” said the 23-year-old singer. “Most importantly, knowing what I did was totally wrong and having to kind of deal with myself and forgive myself in the same breath, and being able to apologize to Rihanna and being able to be that man that can be a man.”

He isn’t concerned about winning over his critics. “Everybody’s entitled to their opinion. For me, it’s just a learning process,” he explained. “I have to just take it one day at a time and I can’t make everybody like me. It’s just about me being positive. Everything that I’m doing with my music is hopefully to inspire the world and inspire people that have been in my situation or anyone that’s trying to learn from it.”

His family and Team Breezy come first. “For me, it’s about proving myself to my fans. I think my fans have been the number one support for me,” he said. “The naysayers are gonna have their opinions. I’m not gonna focus my life on trying to please those people. The only thing I can do is please my family, please myself, and please [Rihanna].”

He also participated in a flash mob to his new single “Fine China,” which is now available on iTunes.

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  1. MonkeyMan

    Wow! Matt went in on him like he did with Kanye. Lol! Chris replies were good and it looks like he is on the right path now. Good for you Chris. Keep it up.


  2. Candance

    I’m glad he didn’t throw a chair this time lol. I really hopes he stays out of trouble because he’s talented.


    FlySly Reply:

    @Candance, Thats what I was thinking


  3. Deadass Tho?

    Yeah his replies were on lol. I f*ck with it.


  4. JHP

    Lauer came at Chris hard, but I think Breezy held his ground this time; I could tell he was feeling a little uncomfortable and nervous, but his interviews are going much better than they used to.


    Ryu Reply:

    @JHP, Definitely! I think he has now come to terms with it. I think Rihanna has helped him heel in a way. You can tell he is in a good place. I’m actually happy for them.


  5. Sharlyn

    The questions were actually great and Chris did a good job answering. Well done boy.


  6. DRB

    See what happens when you listen to your publicist. I guess he still isn’t welcome back to GMA


    Hmmhaha Reply:

    @DRB, according to the hosts he was welcomed back the day after that whole thing. They even invited him to do the view and he said no. Robin wanted to talk to him by herself again. He hasn’t gone back to gma because he doesn’t want to. You think they don’t want those ratings? As controversial as he is people want to know what he’s going to say.

    Good for him


  7. Hov

    hell ya chris


  8. Candance

    Speaking of being “totally wrong,” didn’t Matt Lauer’s wife put him out of the house for cheating? And now NBC’s ratings are in the toilet. Glad to know they valued these POS as opposed to Ann Curry.


  9. Chicago

    Yessss team breezy!


  10. Love Live Life

    Matt Lauer tried to get Chris to snap but it wasnt happening. He did the same to Kanye too but Chris held his own very well. I think now Chris is in such a positive place where hes at the point where he can take anything thrown at him. He learned from his mistake and hes only human i feel like he was scrutinized worse than any celebrity in the media for the past 4 years a lot of people in the public eye wouldnt be able to deal with it. Kudos to CB i think this “X’ album will put him at the top i see great things happening from here on out.


  11. Sweetie

    Great interview Chris. He held his own.


  12. coolness

    Chris held his own during this interview. Good job! Now bring on the music.



    He was coming at chris man… geesh give him a break… and honestly reading the body language chris was very close to snapping … lol he ha anger problems i think he is genuine but looking at all of his interviews and controversial fights i mean he still has alot to learn … i commend him… it was like a test u know…. chris passed not with flying color but he passed… like really tho… “the consoling is the reason why i would never hit her again* um domestic violence consoling isn’t just about your spouse its about being violent towards any body really… and chirs needs to work on that because he was getting mad.. and he did well under pressure but he should kno that ppl want to attack him and make him look bad he shouldn’t be such a easy target but 23 and he got a lot to learn… Im gonna come and show them what guy can do for this business anyways … :)


  14. Truth

    Ok now that CB has cleared it all up time and time again they can stop asking him during interviews jeez let the dude live now. I swear people wait for something like that to happen for years just so they can continuously keep talking about it. Acting like there so perfect. CB lives a very good life i can only imagine ppl hating on this man because there lives must really suck.


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