Kelly Rowland and Wiz Khalifa Perform ‘Gone’ on ‘Fallon’

Wiz Khalifa and Kelly Rowland

After debuting the song earlier in the day, Kelly Rowland teamed up with Wiz Khalifa to perform their collaboration “Gone” for the first time on Monday’s “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.” With some help from The Roots, the two had the audience rocking along to the Joni Mitchell-sampled song.

In one week, Kelly will release her new album Talk a Good Game featuring Wiz, Beyoncé, Michelle Williams, Pusha T, and more.

Watch the debut performance of “Gone” below.

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  1. Kemar (@S_C_Jr on Twitter)

    Very good performance. She’s really grown and she’s vocally better than ever! So happy for her.




    TALK A GOOD GAME June 18! C’mon! Snippets are out!



    Wow!!! This was SOOO good!! This woman is literally everywhere.

    Obviously kanye will be number one next week, but I have a feeling that she will be a close second and j. Cole not too far behind!! Exciting times for all 3 performers due to the fact that each of their albums are going to be monumental for their respective careers


    Cornell_antwoin Reply:

    @YEAKELLY, she will be #1 on the R&B Debut… j. Cole and Kanye are both in the Rap/Hiphop Genre.. I think J.Cole is going to outsell Kanye. I’ve definitely Pre-ordered Kelly & J.Cole


  4. Wedoubledy

    her voice sounded like gold. she is getting so strong. I am proud of her


  5. JayR

    Kelly never fails to make me proud! I can’t wait until June 18th to celebrate all her hard work!


  6. aj



  7. aj

    Well done Ms. Kelly!


  8. Bow Down

    I’m so proud of Kelly this was a great performance and I love the song can’t wait for talk a good game to come out June 18th


  9. Trent

    Yesssss Kelly


  10. amian

    she kill it for real this time…she feel so confident and beautifull.


  11. Jay-Me

    On the track it sounds about like she’s running behind the beat but she nailed this. Damn Kelly. Wiz nailed it too.


  12. kate

    i am proud of my girl she is amazing person and her voice OMG loveeeeeee you kelly. please buy her album


  13. Mu'

    Well Done Queen!


  14. kevon hall

    yass kelly yass im totally buying talk a good GAME……but what dah hell were yuh wearing


  15. alessandro

    yeah kelly rowland!!!! alll i have to say is WOW!!! great peformance, you’re getting better with time


  16. telingthetruth

    Smiling ear to ear… im so fkn proud of Kelly! Yeesss honey! She has come along waayyss… this is what happens when you take time out to practice and perfect your vocals! We always knew Kelly’s potential she just needed to believe in them herself…


  17. carlos

    first good verse ive heard from wiz in a LONG time im looking forward to the next track he does


  18. Mk

    WHAT A PERFORMANCE. Man she aced the performance. I’m buying the album. Come june 18


  19. forever_carta

    #talkagoodgame @kellyrowland #7days #kellyrowland #rowlandstones #6/18/13 #talkagoodgame @kellyrowland Got Your Copies?

    follow my Kelly Rowland countdown on Instagram @ forever_carta!!!!!!


  20. Kyle

    All of Kelly’s performances have been SPOT ON lately, but this one was exceptional. You can tell that she has regained her confidence and is officially comfortable in her own shoes. I can’t wait for her new album next week. I was just in Target the other day and there was a promo ad hanging promoting an exclusive Target deluxe edition with more bonus tracks. YES!!!


  21. Miguel

    …in love with the performance. good job kelly!
    P.S. I think she should’ve named the album “Dirty Laundry” and gave us a 50′s pin-up girl at the laundromat effect for the album artwork. just a thought…


  22. Whitney

    This is definitely her time! I’m so proud of Kelly!


  23. rowlandstone

    SHE DID THAT! amen to her, that was a great performance and i really hope she wins with this album


  24. Hello

    I hope this is her breakthrough album! She sounded MAGNIFICENT!


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