Jay-Z Grapples with Fame, Shouts Out Blue Ivy on ‘Holy Grail’


Jay-Z revealed the tracklisting to his new album Magna Carta Holy Grail over the weekend. Now the lyrics to the title track have surfaced.

On the Justin Timberlake-assisted “Holy Grail,” Hov struggles with fame and raising his daughter Blue Ivy in the spotlight.

“Blue told me to remind you ******/ **** that **** ya ‘ll talk about,” he raps, while using MC Hammer, Mike Tyson, and Kurt Cobain as examples of celebrities who got caught up in the bright lights.

He also laments about not being able to live a normal life. “I got haters in the paper/ Photo shoots with paparazzi/ Can’t even take my daughter for a walk/ See them by the corner store I feel like I’m cornered off/ Enough is enough/ I’m calling this off,” says Jay.

The lyric sheet was revealed when the “Magna Carta Holy Grail” app went live on Google Play on Monday. The first 1 million Samsung Mobile users who download it will be able to get the album for free on July 4.

Jay-Z and J.T. will kick off their “Legends of the Summer” tour on July 17 in Toronto.

Read the full lyrics below.

Holy Grail Lyrics


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  1. mano

    Hova hova hova hova, better be a classic son.



    the gawd hov


  3. Truth

    Thats the price that comes with fame my dude. You thought u could take your daughter out in public and not have constant photos taken by Paparazzi? What an idiot. Maybe u werent built for this shit Hov.


    XO till we overdose... Reply:

    @Truth, When did he ever state that he thought he could take his daughter out in public without paparazzi snapping photos? What he meant by those lyrics is that he SHOULD be able to go out with his daughter without being surrounded by paparazzi. These people shouldn’t be making a living by harassing celebrities and people shouldn’t worship celebrities and follow everything they do.
    SMH. Just because you don’t understand lyrics, doesn’t mean the artist is an idiot. Examine the mirror before you pass judgement on others.


    Truth Reply:

    @XO till we overdose…, Your an idiot. That was the point of my comment. If your a celebrity thats what comes with being one. Photos being snapped of you all the time. Even when your with your child or whoever it doesnt matter. If you cant handle that then maybe you werent built to be a celebrity. i think u werent understanding his lyrics in the song. Maybe u should take a look again. I know what im talking about but clearly you dont.


  4. Ashgino

    I would love for beyonce and jay to act like they’re famous just for a lol bit cause with the limelight mindset instead of the acting private one will give Beyonce her Thriller-esque album cause I expect better than I Am…Sassha Fierce


    iAmJamesAl Reply:

    @Ashgino, What???


    Deejay Reply:

    @Ashgino, this was the most illiterate comment I’ve ever read. Stay in school and learn to form a grammatically correct thought.


  5. Ashgino

    *lil bit


  6. D to the R down to the J

    Nice lyric


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