Tracklisting: Tamar Braxton – ‘Love and War’

Love and War

Tamar Braxton heads to the front lines with her Epic Records debut Love and War. After unveiling the cover art yesterday, the “Braxton Family Values” star has revealed the tracklisting via iTunes.

The 14 tracks include the ballad “Love and War,” the Biggie-sampled single “The One,” and ratchet club banger “Hot Sugar.”

“It’s the music that I’ve always wanted to do,” Tamar told Rap-Up TV. “It’s a true definition of who I am as a person. It’s upbeat, it’s fun, it’s opinionated, it’s raw, and it’s great.”

The album is now available for pre-order before it hits stores on September 3.

See the tracklisting below.

Love and War Tracklisting

1. “The One”
2. “Tip Toe”
3. “Stay and Fight”
4. “Love and War”
5. “All the Way Home”
6. “One on One Fun”
7. “She Did That (Interlude)”
8. “Hot Sugar”
9. “Pieces”
10. “Where It Hurts”
11. “Prettiest Girl”
12. “Sound of Love”
13. “White Candle”
14. “Thank You Lord”

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  1. yooo



  2. Kris

    The cover looks like a rip off of the Roman In Moscow single.


    Speechless Reply:

    @Kris, Bitch sit. It’s Sin City inspired you fool.


    g Reply:

    @Kris, u fool haha…. roman my a$$


    greer Reply:

    @Kris, how the fuck? you’re so sad and obsessed that you could find SOMETHING that reminds you of nicki minaj in literally ANY obscure thing that doesnt register to normal human beings. not everybody pays that hard attention to nicki minaj. NEWS FLASH: It’s just you! In YOUR head. stop projecting your obsessions to other people who aren’t obsessed, its just doesnt translate.


    channel_ROMAN Reply:

    @greer, Somebody seems pressed.


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  4. Robwashere

    This album cover is horrendous. she should change it


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  9. bibi93

    Can’t wait!!


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