Chris Brown Talks Double Album, ‘X’ Collaborations with DJ Skee

DJ Skee and Chris Brown

Chris Brown took over L.A. Live during AXS TV’s “SKEE Live” last night. In addition to performing three songs, the R&B singer shared details about his upcoming album X.

He hopes to release a double album with 20 songs (10 songs on each), pending approval from his label RCA Records.

He has assembled a star-studded lineup including Nicki Minaj, Kelly Rowland, Rihanna, Diplo, Timbaland, Sevyn Streeter, and Kendrick Lamar, who appears on “Autumn Leaves.”

“He actually wrote from the mindset of a critic, if a critic was sitting there talking to me, and then he’s coaching me through it,” said Brown, who has already shot part of the video in Hawaii. “It’s amazing how lyrical he is and how he can put it together just by rapping.”

During the interview, he also spoke about the negative media attention, his graffiti art, and his position in music.

“I actually love being the underdog because I get a chance to prove somebody wrong every day,” said Breezy.

Watch excerpts from the sit-down below.

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  1. Raven-Symone

    “Underdog”? The only reason you’re an “underdog” is because you constantly make bad decisions in public. It’s okay to have moments and act out, we’re all human but the way you display it is the reason you’re a has been.


    NASIR Reply:

    @Raven-Symone, Preach!


    channel_ROMAN Reply:

    @Raven-Symone, A Raven-Symon fan talking about has been? The only time Raven is relevant is on Instagram. His famous of course his acting moments are going to be made public that’s not his fault. If its not for TMZ nobody would’ve known anything.


    Raven-Symone Reply:

    @channel_ROMAN, raven is riches black actress in Hollywood under 40 she doesn’t have to do anything. she’s already done it. Unlike these thirty acts like Chris and nicki who have to constantly be seen because if they go one day without being on a blog they’ll be forgotten.


    Mama Reply:

    @Raven-Symone, Who was worried about Raven until she came out as a lesbian?…
    I don’t even have a problem with the bitch, but your goofy ass wants to come for Her Minajesty? n.o.t.t.o.d.a.y


  2. Deejay

    A double album with 20 songs!? That is so original, no one(justin timberlake) has Ever done that before! Super unique.


    frijoles refritos Reply:

    @Deejay, I know lol want his album suppose to come out last month


    Bruce Reply:

    @Deejay, Funny you say that because FAME was supposed to be a double album called FAME and Fortune. Then RCA said just release Fortune six months later onstead, which didnt happen either. So whos copying who? Oh like I thought. White boys are so unoriginal when it comes to music, all they do is copy what blacks do and bexause whites push them on tv, it sells more


    Deejay Reply:

    @Bruce, lmao you just reached so far with that stupid ass comment. I don’t wanna hear anything about what chris brown was “supposed” to do. This has nothing to do with white/black skin color either you racist fucktard. Call me when that irrelevant ass Chris Clown sells 1million in the first week like JT did effortlessly, then we can talk. Until then, sit down right beside Fist Brown(the underdog).


    B-Rad Reply:

    @Deejay, We not talking about Fame and Fortune Stupid Ass we talking about this Wack Ass X Album that he struggling to get a top 20 hit to release it with… Yeah come correct with Wack Brown do those numbers



    I GUESS…


    AsberyPark Reply:

    @BEDSTUYFLY, nope, still coked out


  4. Raj

    A damn target? LMFAO. No one is still penalizing him for the Rihanna attack, it’s all the other poor decisions he’s made. Drake, Frank Ocean, Jenny Johnson, etc.


    Ridiculousness Reply:

    @Raj, lol what did he do to drake? If I recall right he was the one actually cracked with a bottle. They never even fought at all.

    I agree his responses could be handled way better but to be fair he didn’t start anything with any of these people lol. He complimented Frank Ocean n he took it as an insult and came for him. Jenny Johnson harassed the guy for 2 years straight before he said anything to him. It’s easy to say he should just shut up and take it but unfortunately for him, he just doesn’t seem like that’s his thing.

    Not excusing him because he does need to tone it down a lot but let’s not just act like he randomly attacks people.


  5. B-Rad

    This Whack Ass!! Gotta be the biggest Copy Cat in History… Dude Learn how to be Fucking Original… Fucking Michael Jackson Rip off wannabe… #Tragicly Sad


  6. A.

    what’s the release date?


    divinebrown Reply:



  7. Lovesong

    I think it’s safe to say that the general public is no longer checking for this album. Good luck to him though.


  8. Fanoffall

    Awesome. I like the first three singles.
    Hope the label approves the double record.
    Maybe we can hear a new Chris brown


  9. zayapollo

    This album has potential to be a great album


  10. AlexandrElla

    but WHEN he will release the album ‘X’ ????????????


    A. Reply:

    @AlexandrElla, if they keep waiting, in 2014 more than likely


  11. Miszi

    Why complain? Maybe his decision was affected by Justin Timberlake, maybe not? After all he wanted F.A.M.E. and Fortune to be one double album, so it’s not like it’s a new idea for him.
    Hopefully they’ll let him do it that way, if not, it’s still gonna be around 20 songs with a deluxe edition.


  12. Zeek

    Yo seriously? This guy has potential to be one of the great ones. He just needs to stop working with so many ordinary artists. You’re only as good as the company that you keep


  13. Kate

    i can’t wait for the next album!!! I’ll definitely buy it!! Love ur songs CB!


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