Kanye West Performs ‘Black Skinhead’ on ‘Le Grand Journal’

Kanye West

After his performances on “Later… with Jools Holland,” Kanye West continued his overseas promo tour with a visit to French show “Le Grand Journal.”

Wearing a Wu-Tang shirt and torn jeans, the G.O.O.D. Music chief ripped the stage with “Black Skinhead,” unleashing a powerful black-and-white performance that ended with him on the floor.

Watch Yeezus roar with the exhilarating set.


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  1. RisRobot

    Kanye est très bien.


    Yeezus Tour tickets ASAP Reply:

    I like his thought provocing intro…fight the power…and its catchy


  2. Righteous

    GARY GLITTER…….ROCK and ROLL Part 1 + 2……I Rest my case!


  3. sandra

    I’m sick of Kanye jumping around like a special needs kid on crack, and calling black people the “N” word. Who appreciates that? Who’d want to listen to that?

    “always knew they trying to tear me down”

    Is he talking about white people? Probably.

    Kris Jenner is crazy, and Kim is crazy. Their quest for black money is going to end up badly for him and them.

    Jesus Walks and his first music was great, but this is just too far out.


    Truest1 Reply:

    @sandra, you must not have listened to or enjoyed any rap music in the last 20 years if you have a problem with the “n word”.


  4. shak

    love it


  5. bibi93

    nigga in paris


  6. K O B E

    Killer performance!


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