Nicki Minaj Gets Hands-On with Hunks on ‘Ellen’

Nicki Minaj

While promoting her new fragrance Minajesty on Friday’s episode of “Ellen,” Nicki Minaj got up close and personal with some hunks. The “Super Bass” rapper was blindfolded and had to sniff the chests of three guys to find where Ellen had sprayed her scent.

“Lol. Only for Ellen,” tweeted Nicki.

Was she able to identify the spot? Find out how she did.

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  1. #TwerkIt

    Post the “Minajesty” commercial :)


  2. eminem

    som sexy ass niggas dayum


  3. opd2



  4. kate

    gtfo nicki minaj you are talentless and most hated person in the world


    #TwerkIt Reply:

    @kate, Why u always find a NIcki post and always be the first hater to comment…obviously she is talented enough for you to comment a post…#NickiHatedHooker = @kate


    Alex Reply:

    @kate, LMAO @ you having no life. Your stupid comments are always seen on a Nicki post. Get a life please sir.


    BadBitch Syndrome Reply:

    @kate, gtfo Kate u r talentless and only hate on every Nicki Minaj post,

    I see that none of ur letters in ur post are capital…..SO POOR U CANT AFFORD A SHIFT KEY… Damn the struggle must be real for u.

    At the end of the day “u still a little snotty nose hoodrat, I love nicki scribbled all over ur bookbag” – Ur Minajesty


  5. Oh



    Andy Reply:

    @Oh, not really. She behaved very properly. Someone could expect other women to do something inappropriate in that situation (touching too much, licking them or vulgar comments) but that isn’t the case of Nicki. As all her fans now, she is a educated and classy woman.


  6. Sushi

    lol that nervous giggle. she knows her mom & dad is watching XD


  7. ,.

    she had fun,Ellen shows are cool,i love the whole shows they are funny.


  8. #TwerkIt

    Hot, Sexy Hot,


  9. Biycroy

    She seems to like to get handsy with the manboobs, I think we know why dj Khaled wants her so bad now


  10. ♪►Muzzac◄♪

    I’ll take that first guy ;)


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