Lady Gaga

New Music: Lady Gaga – ‘Aura’

Lady Gaga busts out the big guns with her explosive new song “Aura.” The electronic track, which is featured in a trailer for Machete Kills, is rumored to be the next single off ARTPOP. Now the pop star debuts the full studio version in a lyric video with scenes from the Robert Rodriguez-directed film, in which she also stars.

“I think ‘Aura’ [is] one of the most interesting and unique electronic songs ever, honestly,” the track’s producer Zedd told MTV News. “It’s so crossing over to, you know, there’s so many guitars and it’s like an oriental vibe. And there’s a hard electronic drop and kind of a minimal drop in the end. I don’t how to describe it, it’s kind of cool.”

Gaga’s album ARTPOP arrives Nov. 11 featuring the hit single “Applause,” plus the tracks “Manicure,” “Swine,” “Sex Dreams,” and “Jewels and Drugs” featuring Too $hort, T.I., and Twista.

Watch an armed and dangerous Gaga in the action-packed lyric video.

  • Ed

    She said on twitter that this is NOT her next single

  • GAGA is queen

    Gaga tweeted earlier today that this is NOT the next single. Promotions for the album are touting a song called “Gypsy” as the next single from ARTPOP.

  • efcelewinskee

    This is gonna be maaad dope! #Michellerodriguez #Sofiavergara

  • arno

    wtf is this…. i bet some of y’all jump the bandwagon peeps gon’ say this is art….pshhhh

  • bobs

    THIS IS ART!!!!!! PSHHHH!!!!

  • bandwagon

    Jump on me.

  • Kush

    Sounds better live

  • Ethan

    I feel like the only way I can enjoy this bitch’s music is if I’m tripping on LSD.

    • Chloé Magnolia

      Haha, that makes two of us.

    • Ryan

      @Ethan, what’s LSD?

  • jabb

    that bitch always referencing grace jones

    • fa

      @jabb, who isn’t she refernecing anyway!
      Does she have something of her own?

  • DontKillMyVibe

    The hook sounds really good, the rest literally scares the shit out of me, is she a pop singer or a gothic?