New Music: Lorde x Rick Ross – ‘Royals (Remix)’

Rick Ross

After remixing Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home,” Rick Ross unleashes his regal flow over Lorde’s No. 1 single “Royals.” The MMG chief references “Scandal” and John Grisham, and even howls on his verse.

His sixth album Mastermind is due Dec. 17 featuring the Future-aided single “No Games.”

Listen to Rozay rule the remix.


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  1. rewrew

    boring ass raps same shit different toilet.


  2. Ice

    I find it ironic that he’s on this track, because he’s the exact type of materialistic rapper that she’s tired of.


    ROCnation Reply:

    @Ice, amen!!


    getreal Reply:

    @ROCnation, EXACTLY rick ross obvi missed the message lol it’s sorta of embarrassing


    steve Reply:

    @Ice, exactly. was about to post the same thing, but you said it perfectly.


    saint Reply:

    @Ice, wanted to post this but you posted it first. :)


    The Crowd Updater Reply:

    @Ice, THIS!! Of all people to do a remix for that track, smh. Ohh the irony!!!


    K Reply:

    @Ice,being a rapper don’t mean a person is materialistic,because not all of them is like that,if you said a materialistic person then it would have made more sense,adding rapper just make it seems like you are bias and have some type of hate against all rappers.


    Ice Reply:

    @K, First of all, Lorde’s song is specifically referring to rappers.

    Secondly, Rick Ross’s label is Maybach Music, as if that’s not a big enough indication that he’s obsessed with wealth.


  3. BadBitch Syndrome

    every time he raps i get bored…. but i still love Lorde


  4. Ready 4 da yolas

    Nice rap sheet music


  5. dakidd850

    I like it! But how dope would a jazz remix be?? I love seeing music cross boundaries! She should hit up Jon Batiste and Stay Human and make a jazz remix and incorporate a rapper on it too! Now THAT would be hot!


  6. Anita B.

    @K, READING is fundamental.


  7. bobs

    this is SOOO BAD.





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