Danity Kane Announces First Concert in 5 Years

Danity Kane

The stage is set for Danity Kane’s return. The platinum girl group has announced their first live show in five years.

Dawn, Aubrey, Aundrea, and Shannon will perform at the House of Blues Sunset Strip in Los Angeles on Tuesday, Dec. 16.

“We can’t wait to put on a killer show for the THE BEST and most loyals fans around,” said the girls.

They were originally scheduled to perform their first comeback show at 92.3 NOW FM’s “Scream” concert in New York last month, but the concert was canceled after headliner Chris Brown was charged with misdemeanor assault.

More details including an on-sale date will be announced soon. Fans can win VIP access to the show by tweeting their favorite songs and using the hashtag #DKLA.

Since announcing their comeback at the VMAs in August, Danity Kane has been working on their first album in five years.

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  1. Zave

    I have a feeling they are about to shut it down! They def have something to prove.


  2. Free Spirit

    I LOVE Danity Kane / D.K.!!! I, also love that they’re hustling and grinding to get back to the top even though alot has changed in 5 years, but not that much I suppose… Aubrey, Aundrea, Dawn, and Shannon are most definitely going to show out and shut it down!!! P.S. D. Woods is gonna regret that she didn’t take the opportunity to get back together with the group and help build her solo career and brand.


  3. A.

    so…. three months later, and still no single?

    what kind of plan is this?


    TRP Reply:

    @A., I’m pretty sure the new single will be performed at the concert, and I’m pretty sure it would have been premiered at that show with Chris.


  4. Tasty T

    When do tickets go on sale??? I want to purchase please


  5. Sam-o.

    Danity Kane is going places!!!!!!!!

    I’m so they’ve found their back to each other, because this group has a lot of potential. The best thing about Danity Kane now is “THAT DIDDY ISN’T EVOLVED ON ANY LEVEL WHAT SO EVER”.


  6. V

    Danity Kane is HOTNESS on a platter! I WILL be there! Im sooooo excited!!! Dawn, Aubrey, Shannon and Aundrea! Yall rock!


  7. Nicole

    DAWN is coming to slayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!
    Werk! Can’t wait to see the rest of DK.


  8. Sirren

    Listening to “Right Now”


    Girl Bye Reply:

    @Sirren, Love that song!!!! but im still waitin on the first single rage


  9. FOH

    FUG OUTTA HERE! DIDDY IS DANITY KANE, DANITY KANE IS DIDDY! Every single artist that has tried without Diddy has failed! After his ear for hits is no longer an option, all artists and groups are never the same nor are they ever really successful. D.K will be no different. More than that, their era has passed. Nobody cares about girl groups. Especially not one that includes that GAWD awful Aubrey O’Day.


    Kalub Reply:

    @FOH, You cared enough to read the post, and on top of that comment about it. #JUSTSAYING


  10. Ready 4 da YOlas

    Their WIll be happy that they are back together as a Group other then that They ain’t got nada to do with Cb period.


  11. KayKay

    If at first you don’t succeed cuz of diddy’s wack self…then try, try again and WE’RE READY BABY OOOW!


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