Beyoncé Models Jay Z’s Barneys Collection

Jay Z and Beyoncé

Jay Z launched his BNY SCC designer collection with Barneys New York on Wednesday. Later in the evening, Beyoncé was by her man’s side at the launch event at the flagship store on Madison Avenue. There was little fanfare as the couple held court with some of the designers.

Mrs. Carter also showed support for her man on Instagram, modeling items from the New York-inspired collection including a Moncler puffer varsity jacket ($2,300), python-brimmed leather “Brooklyn” cap ($875), Elder Statesman cashmere ski mask ($700), and gold New York City ring ($12,500).

Following claims that Barneys employees racially profiled black customers, Jay Z decided to move forward with the collaboration, but with new terms. As part of the deal, Barneys will donate 100% of sales from the BNY SCC collection to The Shawn Carter Foundation.

Jay Z vowed to tackle the controversy head on. “I am in a unique position to use my voice to affect change to this disturbing issue,” he said in a statement. “I will not leave the outcome to others.”

A larger event was planned to kick off the collaboration, but was canceled in the aftermath of the allegations.

Jay Z




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  1. meme

    she need to model that album and 1st single…thats what


    Musicjunkiee Reply:

    @meme, lmaoo ‘ your comments be killing me .


    King Fierce Reply:

    @meme, A.G.R.E.E.D.


  2. Musicjunkiee

    I think he’s very stupid for continuing partnering with them , i find that foolish . & Beyonce girl byee . U & camel need to go to another country & relax with y’all millions . As u see u making a comeback is not working out .


    karamelkisses Reply:

    @Musicjunkiee, who said she was making a comeback? she never left, just went on maternity leave. and why is it foolish for him to continue the partnership? 1) the actions of a few don’t represent that of the whole company. 2) how can he cause change by taking his proverbial ball and going home. he did the right thing, stay & investigate. make barney’s up their contribution to your charity and use your voice to effect change. some of you complain that he’s self serving & greedy but this is for his charity.


  3. chris

    Rap-Up please don’t post anything Beyoncé related unless it’s a new single, video or album



    @chris, RIGHT!


  4. KenBarbUK

    Time to pay a vist to my sugar daddy ;)


  5. Beyonce Stan's be like

    Did she drop a floppy disc with her album on it??


  6. Teresa McIntire

    Dear Beyonce
    Your pictures are nice!Have fun with Blue Ivy!

    Sincerely Always
    A friend
    Teresa Elaine McIntire


    Raven Symone Reply:

    @Teresa McIntire, ?


  7. Croqque



  8. no

    Sell out

    And stop sayin u like Pac and Biggie. U half steppin wanna-bee.


  9. Da bomb

    As Beyonce is a Queen of Music she takes times to release new material that she can be 100 % proud and not 99%.

    So stop asking for new shit, just wait and shut up.

    Don t expect her to drop one horrible album a year, as some of the funny singers in the game


  10. IGEE

    Are you okay haters? Beyonce starts shooting videos for her new album. Duh? Will you just shut uo and wait? Hello? 1 more month to go and the tour is over and shell be focusing in her new album. She needs time.Check this news!


  11. nyc

    Funny how Jay Z has pulled the wool over everyones eyes. People in the streets have not been about him for 10 years or so. He makes million but who cares he looks spooky! in a not fresh way, and his style is ass

    Barneys should have passed on his stuff, Jay z is more Macy’s or maybe Saks 5th Ave.

    And Jay z isnt really from NYC he’s a rich black kid that lived in Queens, but he has the white rich folk on his side now that he has $$$, he’s still a clown. Baby ivy your fathers rich but he’s a slimy wake MC. Sure Dam feels the same way


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