New Music Premiere: Ryan McDermott – ‘Do U Believe’

Do U Believe

From the label that brought us Big Sean and John Legend comes Ryan McDermott. The G.O.O.D. Music signee questions love on “Do U Believe,” the latest release off his upcoming mixtape Ryan vs. The Sandman: The Tale of the Sleepwalkers.

“Do you believe in this love?” asks the L.A.-based singer, who Kanye West called a “real soulful dude.”

“The title can be read a couple different ways,” he explained. “As a question: ‘Do you believe?’, and as an instruction: ‘Do you. Believe.’ In a way, the last is an answer to the first.

“In the song I sing, ‘I know what I believe in has more worth than anything on this earth, girl.’ Personally I feel if what you believe in is limited to just ‘this world’ then what you believe in is limited, and I don’t believe in limits, so I can’t believe in that. There’s so many ways that we’re liable to be limited when we don’t know we’re sleepwalking. I’ll be doing everything I can to stomp on that snakes head before I’m done here.”

Ryan vs. The Sandman is due in January.

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  1. Soul Lova

    Beyond. Solid track, vocals sit right in the beat. On point.


  2. chris_shorts

    i like his voice and beat but not together like i dont really think kanye should make him sing over these heavy tribal drum based songs …see when it slowed down it was great for the bridge but everyother part is a lil to much ilvoe #goodmusic and im a KANYE SUPER FAN BUT good music is killin me latly they to lacks


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