Mariah Carey Shows Off Her Holiday Home on ‘Today’ Show

Mariah Carey and Tamron Hall

Mariah Carey opened up her doors for the holidays. The pop diva invited “TODAY’s” Tamron Hall to her New York penthouse for some Christmas cheer. Dressed in a negligee and robe, Mimi gave a tour of the luxurious Tribeca triplex that she shares with Nick Cannon and their twins, Moroccan and Monroe.

She conducted the interview in the festive Pink Room, which was decked out with two Christmas trees decorated with live pink peonies.

“Nobody’s ever really in here,” said Mimi. “It’s really for things [like] archived photographs … personal items in here that are special to me. The kids don’t even know this room exists yet.”

“Miss Christmas” (as her husband calls her) shared her holiday plans, which do not include skiing, and showed off photos from Dem Babies’ first Christmas and a childhood photo of her with Santa Claus.

She also spoke about her Christmas classic “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” which she wrote on a Casio keyboard nearly 20 years ago.

“There was an idea from the label; the record label [said], ‘Do a Christmas album,’” said Mariah. “I wanted to make the most festive song that would always make people happy.”

You can see a whole lot more of Mariah this holiday season as she takes over NBCUniversal as part of “12 Days of Christmas.” She is set to make appearances on “Access Hollywood,” “Extra,” Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live,” and Al Sharpton’s “PoliticsNation” on MSNBC.

Photo credit: @JacksonEric

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  1. cassidyboi

    Mariah Is a true diva she talked over this poor lady threw out the whole interview…. And is always tipsy down


    JDollar Reply:

    @cassidyboi, LOL! Agreed. I wish she would have aggressively promoted “The Art of Letting Go”. Despite not having a real chorus, it was a very good throwback rnb song. Just because it didn’t initially shoot up the iTunes doesn’t mean the song could not have been successful. Look at “All of Me” by John Legend. That single nor his album initially sold, but by touring and performing the song on almost every talk show it have now become a sizable hit. I think its in the Top 50 on iTunes. Anyway, I’m still rooting for MC to have a successful upcoming era!


  2. fatal

    here we go with MeMe sinking her rancid claws into christmas again while constantly flopping out her huge sagging udders to scare the children-this cow is the poster bee-yotch for everything christmas ISN”T about. She stands for all that is the greedy profiteering of Christmas-most artist give their christmas album and song profits to charity -not this hag she has been literally suffocating Santa for several years now desperately trying to make a buck off the only song she can sell anymore-it is so overplayed in department stores i will leave any store that plays it-and honestly MeMe quit grossing out the world with the unbelievably pathetic attempts to be sexy in christmas attire and just wear the only christmas get up that would actually fit-the fat man’s suit-her udders certainly hang low enough and are more than big enough to double as Santa’s belly-and since she has been stalking Santa like some kind of psycho the next step in this psychosis is actually trying to BE santa-right?? she is total FUBAR-not diva and really sick of her exploiting the season-she needs to pratice ‘the art of letting go” with her strangle hold on Santa


  3. MooMoo in a MooMoo

    one thing for sure-her husband is a real Saint Nick to put up with the way this overrated old fat stripper kunnttt acts


  4. Hairtree

    Why so many haters. Fact remains nobody can touch her record career. She’s earned her spot and is utterly beautiful. I’ve been a fan since the beginning. Don’t hate appreciate. At least she’s not twerking around with her tongue out.


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