Justin Bieber Premieres ‘Believe’ Movie in L.A.

Scooter Braun, Justin Bieber, and Usher

The purple carpet rolled out for Justin Bieber at the star-studded premiere of his 3-D concert film Believe in L.A. on Wednesday. Looking slick in a red suit, white loafers, and sunglasses, the 19-year-old superstar turned on the charm as he posed for photos and signed autographs for fans.

He was joined by his family and friends including his mentor Usher, manager Scooter Braun, mother Pattie Mallette, and grandparents.

Other stars including Jaden Smith, Mike Posner, Meagan Good, Gabby Douglas, Maejor Ali, and Kylie Jenner came bearing unwrapped toys, which were donated to needy children.

Graffiti artist Alec Monopoly created an art piece live on site, inspired by the artwork for Justin’s upcoming Journals album, and auctioned it off to charity.

Bieber addresses the rumors and controversy in the movie, which arrives in theaters on Christmas Day. “There’s so many other people just talking and making things up, and I think it’s time for people to hear from me,” he told Power 106 of the sequel to 2011′s Never Say Never. “This movie really shows how when you get knocked down, how to get back up.”

On Monday, he will release Journals featuring Future, Big Sean, Lil Wayne, R. Kelly, and more.

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  1. rnblover

    Can’t wait for Usher’s new album…2014


    Usher new album in 2014 Reply:

    Same here!!!!!!


    rnblover Reply:

    @Usher new album in 2014, yeahh man!! THE KING.


    Rob Reply:

    @rnblover, Me too!!!


  2. KT

    Whoa, Usher is short…


  3. B:s

    Wat in hell is jaden wearing, Did i miss him cumin out of the closet?


    Jojosoul Reply:

    @B:s, yeah, cuz’ all gays wear skirts
    and Justin Bieber is an artist!!!!!
    where did you grow up?
    Under a rock?


  4. gee

    I get sick of the misogynistic showy styles of Justin Bieber. It comes off as arrogant. its something he learned from Usher, who learned it from diddy


    BlasterUp Reply:

    @gee, Everything Justin Bieber knows he learned from Usher, who signed him to his label and beat Justin Timberlake to the punch. That is his mentor, what did you expect?


  5. Yeezus Christ

    biebs needs to stop acting black, and he ruined himself with those tats


    Grant Reply:

    @Yeezus Christ, There’s no such thing as “acting black.” You can’t “act” a race. I expect nothing more from a Kanye stan.


  6. Why though

    He is dressed like douche bag but gotta admit him and his peoples is smart putting all the lil videos you can find on YouTube and make his lil teeny bopper fans pay for it cause you know they will their like a cult


  7. Staysnatching

    why was megan good there, has her career fallen so low? And Jayden what on earth!


  8. 2bad2bme

    he think he a boss..boy bye!


  9. 2bad2bme

    and jaden looks like a crack head


    A Reply:

    @2bad2bme, lmaoooo


  10. robert11boling

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  11. B:s

    @Jojosoul, lol come down dude i neva said all gays. Ofcourse nt all gays wear skirts but hav u ever seen a straight dude wearing a skirt wer u from?


  12. BlasterUp

    These big music documentaries are few and far between these days. I thought rich people are supposed to dress up all high class at these red carpet events? Jaden’s parents probably wouldn’t even know if he had been gone for a week living on skid row it looks like.


  13. A

    his mom look gorgeous


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