New Music: Bow Wow – ‘Like Mike’

Like Mike

Modesty is definitely not one of Bow Wow’s New Year’s resolutions. Mr. 106 & Park kicks off 2014 with the ego-boosting “Like Mike,” which borrows its title from the 2002 film he starred in.

Over the Young Chop-produced beat, he boasts about making $20 million off his “Scream” tours, his record sales (“Ya’ll rappers barely going gold/ I’m 10 million sold”), and shouts out his friend Chris Brown.

“Chris, keep yo head up and when you get out of rehab, we gon’ hit the road and get our bread up,” he raps.

Hear Bow brag on the cocky cut.

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  1. Deejay

    Boy sit !! Good dog.


    iAm_F0rEiGn Reply:

    @Deejay, T.B.H Bow Wow still got it, he just needs to leave his producers and reinvent his style to make it more modern so that everybody could start looking his way again; for example his lyrics on this track is crazy right but the beat and video production is garbage, and that what people most likely look for

    *All these negative comments irrelevant because neither one of yall making the type of money he makes in a day.


  2. thedon

    Hmm.. kinda sounds like Drake.


  3. ofcourse

    Lmao! So I guess he’s on 106 & park just for the fun of it. Pot heads!


  4. thatsecretgirl

    Bow Wow is so underrated,but he needs to do better songs.This doesn’t represent him.


  5. Rhett

    The last thing Chris Brown needs to do post-rehab is fuck with Bow Wow.


  6. nwhat

    bow wow is a f.a.g and everybody knows it


  7. 2bad2bme

    this n*gga washed up just like 50cent and they try to use how much money they make to cover up how miserable they are because no one wants to hear anything from them anymore.(past or present)


  8. Keenan Taylor

    I Sware Bow is Underrated #FUCKAHATER


    Got Dam Reply:

    @Keenan Taylor, …that’s not how you spell “swear”….#FUCKANIDIOT


    Heather Reply:

    @Keenan Taylor, The word is “swear,” sweetheart. You were on team #fuckspelling too, huh?


  9. cashmoney

    the real question is…when will his album actually come out? ima graduate college before it comes out…still glad to see he’s making music


  10. jonny

    same old shit.


  11. Ready 4 da Yolas

    guess he decide to put a mixtape music or else his album will never come out because on his record label company got too many artist to do


  12. JHP

    “Rappers barely went gold, I’m 10 million sold” lol. Okay Bow, drop an album this year then. Lets see how many copies Bow Wow sells in 2014. I’d rather be an artist that goes gold every album his entire career, than one that goes platinum within a short timespan, but falls off completely.


    Dopeness Reply:

    @JHP, Valid as fuck lol


  13. Lol@haters

    I hope the judge with his child support case hears this. Didn’t he tell the judge he was broke and didn’t make much money? I hate black people sometimes smh


  14. GirlsBeLikeImissDwoods



  15. Garbage!!!!!

    This dude here needs to quit rapping like, for real. Nobody is not checking for him nor don’t want to hear from him anymore. Dude go somewhere and do what’s best and host these kiddie shows like 106 or better yet, do like your friend chris brown and appear on seseme street. He done that way before he beaten up rihannia. Or better yet, stick to acting and this time do it full time. No better yet, just quit the industry all together, take that money whatever you got and take your kid and leave the darn country and be gone. NEXT….. Whatever smh… This track sucks!!!!!!


  16. H-Town, Bitchhhh

    Fuck you All…. This shit is fireeee


  17. H-Town, Bitchhhh

    F*ck you all… this s*it is fire!!!


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