Video: Nick Cannon – ‘Dance Floor’

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey

Nick Cannon reminisces on his fairy tale romance with wife Mariah Carey in the video for his single “Dance Floor,” which samples R. Kelly’s “Feelin’ on Yo Booty.” The showbiz mogul celebrates all things old school while cruising through his old ‘hood. He busts out some dances moves as digitally-imposed photos of himself with a young Mariah flash on screen.

Nick gushes about falling in love with Mimi in the February issue of Ebony.

“It was early on when I found out how spiritual she was, and we had conversations about kids and how to live life,” he tells the magazine. “For her to share these values, it instantly let me know this is the person I’ve always wanted.”

The couple will celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary this April.

Watch Nick find his happily ever after in the sentimental clip.

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  1. Saqure

    haters gone hate but its a groove track and he celebrating his wife


  2. Realest

    He truly is a romantic MAN..!! He handles his and shows his wife she’s the queen of his castle at EVERY opportunity!!! Love him, I’m glad they beat the odds and the haters!!!


  3. D. kells

    Im loving this one because he pays respect to his wife and also the King Of R&B Kelly that real R&B.


  4. D. kells

    Paying a great tribute to his wife and then showing respect to the King Of R&B Kells this is a cool song.


  5. Major Sushi

    i feel like i’m back in the 90s :3


  6. Drb

    They were married in 2008.


  7. whitechocolate

    it go yut


  8. ayee

    can’t see it..


  9. MeMe is a HO

    those that brag-don’t shag-Nick is like the 10th grade virgin spewing a bunch of “conquest” stories-Nick jerks off to 20 year old photo edited strip videos that Tommy Motola created -just like when he was 12-these 2 are just creepy


  10. A Realist



  11. Beej

    Wow this video reminded me why I had such a huge crush on him back when Drumline came out. Love a man who can dance. So sexy


  12. jay

    Bull shit


  13. CYN



  14. Melissa

    His the best Mimi got a great man there need to be more man like him out there cause that is what you call a real man for real and I love the song it’s my new jam us he can dance he need to sho Omarion some moves lol love him great job nick


  15. travon austin

    AWESOME. Go Mimi and Dem babies. Uuumm about Nick Cannon? (Sarcastic,Roll Eye, Sigh, Cough) YEAH As Twista said, wannabe wannabe wannabe, & wannabe.


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