Bruno Mars Meets the Press at Super Bowl Halftime Show Conference

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars will join an illustrious list of past performers including Beyoncé, Madonna, and Michael Jackson when he takes the field during the Pepsi Halftime Show at Super Bowl XLVIII.

Ahead of Sunday’s game, the Grammy-winning crooner charmed reporters, old and young, with his Spanish and Elvis impression during the press conference at Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City on Thursday.

The first question came from Michelle Williams, reporting for “The Insider.” The Destiny’s Child singer, who performed with Beyoncé at last year’s show, asked him what his reaction was when he heard he would be performing.

“Some greats have been on this stage and we’re just excited that we’re getting this shot,” said Bruno, who joked about coming well equipped with “three gallons of hairspray.”

He just began rehearsals two nights ago at New Jersey’s freezing cold MetLife Stadium. While he wouldn’t give away details, he did offer a teaser.

“I hope to get people dancing and people smiling,” he told one reporter. “If you ever come to one of our shows, it’s just us up there with these songs and our instruments. I’m hoping that’s enough.”

He will also share the stage with the legendary Red Hot Chili Peppers. “I’ve been a fan of theirs for such a long time. I admire their career,” said Bruno. “They’re a soulful band and not just musically, as people.”

Watch Bruno meet the press.

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  1. 2bad2bme

    the most overrated artist of all time


    Melody Thornton's Dress Though Reply:

    @2bad2bme, Meanwhile, your customers think you’re the most overrated sandwich artist at Subway.


  2. mumi

    How pretentious.


  3. Heather

    So excited for his Superbowl performance. He’s so talented!!


  4. Yas.

    Bruno and his band is going to kill it and y’all gone feel it best performer out there right now


    Owen Reply:

    @Yas., you’re literally insane. He’s not a good performer. It’s always the same suit matching with his ban running around playing the trumpets with the same dance moves and overrated music. Going to be the worst halftime show ever


    Omar Reply:

    @Owen, You’re a fucking idiot. Bruno is an amazing live performer and makes music with substance. Suck a dick and die, bitch.


    Yas Reply:

    @Owen, well I seen him twice live already blows my mind everytime so I’ll enjoy and if you don’t then go sit yo ass in the corner til his done not that hard to do


  5. [email protected]

    yass, stan for Slaychelle. Michelle Williams is not longer just “michelle williams of Destinys Child”. She has carved a name for herself post DC3


  6. Hershey

    so excited. Go Bruno!


  7. G-STAR

    when u first heard bruno…. u said he was a savior. and now cuz he’s on top and shiiiiii u called him overrated? u hypocrites!

    i’ll pay and buy bruno’s music cuz that pure talent and not just talking bout naked ladies and drugs!


  8. East coast rap

    Why can’t rappers perform? Those racist prick. The shit is in New York, wouldn’t Jay z performing make perfect sense?


  9. nwhat

    A nerd holding a football


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