Kelly Rowland Shares Wedding Plans, Workout Tips on ‘The View’

Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland kicked off her 33rd birthday celebration with a visit to “The View.” The “Motivation” singer chatted with Barbara Walters, Whoopi, Sherri Shepherd, and Jenny McCarthy about her birthday plans (“Good friends, good family, good food”) and her engagement to her manager Tim Witherspoon.

The couple is planning an intimate wedding this year. “I want it to be him and myself and God, and just a beautiful setting and just call it a day,” said Kelly.

The Destiny’s Child diva, who covers Shape magazine, also shared her fitness tips. “Nutrition is key. I’m a fitness enthusiast, I’m not a trainer, but I love, love to work out.”

While wearing heels, she also helped teach some moves from the Zumba workout program.

Plus, hear what the former “X Factor” judge had to say about the show’s cancellation.

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  1. jay

    beautiful woman! Happy Birthday!


  2. kate

    happy birthday i love you mama


  3. kate

    why you write like ‘The Destiny’s Child diva’????? everyone knows her who is she without ‘The Destiny’s Child diva’ !!!!!


    Chloé Magnolia Reply:

    It’s just a way of making the article flow by referring to her in more ways than simply her name.


    Heather Reply:

    @Chloé Magnolia, Thank you. Can’t fix stupid….


  4. Video Fan

    what about ‘Talk a Good Game’? That’s it?


  5. Kewann

    Happy bday baby love yu!!!


  6. Happy Birthday

    Can someone tell what perfume she was wearing? I heard someone asked and she said she could not pronounce the name of it. I am a lover of good smelling perfumes. Thanks


    Jean Reply:

    @Happy Birthday, I looked up celebrity favorite scents and it looks like she wears Quelques Fleur(lemony scent) by Houbigant of Paris


  7. janice

    She sounds like a fool and looks like one. She dumped a pound of crisco oil on them legs.


  8. LINDA



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