Chris Brown Ordered to Remain in Rehab

Chris Brown

Chris Brown will be extending his residency at a Malibu treatment facility. The R&B superstar has been sent back to rehab for two more months.

Brown appeared in an L.A. courtroom on Friday for a progress report update in the Rihanna assault case. Los Angeles County Judge James Brandlin ordered him to remain in the anger management and drug rehab program he entered three months ago, reports CNN.

Brown’s probation officer said that the 24-year-old singer “continues to make great improvement” in dealing with anger, stress, and drugs. However, the judge decided that he can’t go free yet and must first be tried on his assault charge in Washington, D.C.

After the April 23 hearing, the judge will decide whether Brown should go to jail for violating his probation in the Rihanna assault case.

Brown, who was joined in court by his mother, appeared disappointed by the decision. He closed his eyes and seemed to meditate while his lawyer, Mark Geragos, met with the judge and prosecutor.

According to court documents (via TMZ), Brown’s anger issues were triggered by bipolar disorder, severe insomnia, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

“Never really goes the way u plan. #LIFE,” tweeted Brown following his court appearance.

He is scheduled to remain in rehab until April 23. It’s unclear how this will impact his album X, which is slated for a May 5 release.

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  1. Deejay

    “Bipolar disorder”????? 0_0 Jesus.


  2. Raven-Symone

    I’m sure if you throw enough money in a doctors face they will diagnose you with whatever you want. Seems like they just did this as a scapegoat and it didn’t really work out the way they wanted. With or without the court drama this album is going to perform very poorly there is just no hype around him anymore.


    Love Somebody Reply:

    just like your username, right?


  3. freak

    grow the fuck up
    the world needs your talent
    You could have been the next thing to an MJ just a few years back!
    Your talent can change the game both in dance and song!
    Grow the fuck up…Life is too short


    lance Reply:

    @freak, you do realize he’s trying right?


    Yas Reply:

    @freak, Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit! He doesn’t have a tenth of the talent MJ had and NEVER WILL. Plus, MJ wasn’t a woman beating, homophobic, misogynistic piece of shit.


    Wtf Reply:

    @freak, what the hell does growing up have to do with suffering from illness????

    It’s not his fault that he’s suffering,
    he couldn’t have stopped it by himself.

    These bad things were bound to happend, and now he finally has a diagnosis and now he can work on it.

    Stupid people like you man……


    Coolness Reply:

    @freak, it’s sad that things sort of seem to redress whenever it seems are looking up for Chris. He’s very talented but I never understood the whole so, so and so artist is the next [insert legendary artist here]. I’ve always felt it is corny and stops the artist from growing creatively. Why not let him be the best he can be without trying to replace MJ. Anyway, I’m so looking forward to X, I’m sure it’ll be great


  4. wonderland19

    Thats a good result. Chris has been in and out of court, ignoring his illness. This time, he will get the help and support he needs. his health has too come first. ‘X’ can come when his ready and healthy. Us fans can wait.

    Praying for Chris.


  5. From France

    So the album is not for may 5th?
    This become ridiculous .


  6. Paige

    I feel so sad for him, he already started to pursue in releasing his album. Now he has to wait it off again.


  7. Chris

    The album isn’t important right now. That’s done and ready and is going to be awesome. In 2 months he’ll be in a far better place and then he’ll slay everyone. Awesome artist but he needs to get away for a bit longer and grasp his illnesses and then come back.

    Glad he managed to film the Loyal vid in the brief time he was out…that songs bangs!!!


  8. Major Sushi

    Wow. It’s been 5 years since the Rihanna and Chris Brown thing.


  9. K

    nice he should stay there and get the help he needs, you don’t know that you need help just like a drug addict someone have to do it for you,like i said i am glad the courts is doing that for him,i think the family is happy too. hell up Cb and come back.


  10. Dying of Laughter

    Lmao I’m dying at this article, pls put this bullshit to rest for all of us. I think chris brown needs to fuck off to some foreign country and never be brought up again. He’s another avrange black boy that doesn’t need the fame cuz now he’s just a lost cause, I wouldn’t care if he’s dead or alive, infact his career shuda died in 2008.


    Mike Reply:

    @Dying of Laughter, at the end of the day, your still reading a Chris brown article.


  11. viiki

    I really hope that Chris B uses this diagnosis to genuinely connect with his fans and show that dealing with these serious issues is tough but one can only try best to continue to be a positive strong person and artist. He is human at the end of the day but should embrace it as a whole and people will embrace him back. Hope he continues to express himself through music, the world still loves his talent. And I hope he can be some sort of bipolar / PTSD disorder advocate one day.


  12. MadOrNah?

    I thought Brown was diagnosed with assburgers?



    SMH chris baee imma really big fan of yhu but rehab is the best thing for yhu righ nah…i am really down of yhur behavior but yes i wouldnt judge yhu cuz -WE ALLL MAKE MISTAKES- i hope that yhu can prove all these haters wrong and have a good ahh come back with yhur album!!!!


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