New Music: Lil Boosie f/ Webbie – ‘Wartime’

Lil Boosie

Less than a week after being released from prison, Lil Boosie has already dropped his “Ride Home” freestyle. Now the Baton Rouge rapper reunites with his “Wipe Me Down” collaborator Webbie for “Wartime,” another post-prison release.

The rappers exchange friendly fire over the $hop With Ken-produced track, which ends with gun shots and a sound bite from Menace II Society.

On Monday, Atlantic Records will hold a press conference in New Orleans to make a big announcement with Boosie. You can watch the live stream at starting at 2 p.m. EST.

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    So… My guess is that lil boosie is becoming a regular on this site now? So his name will be added to the list? I didn’t know getting out of jail after being in their for a while will get you a spot on rap up.


    what Reply:

    @TRUTH COMMISSION, are you implying that being part of Rap Up’s regular news is a big accomplishment in the music industry


  2. Shutterbug

    BAD MOVE…the feds still watchin’, you still on parole…they will do ANYTHING to lock you up again.

    So do what T.I. did and stay away from the gunplay for awhile, k?


  3. fashionwoes



  4. freshed

    wartime and u just got out? lol thats safe. smh



    Boosie best sign to MMG or his production gon forever sound like he stuck in 2005 c’mon son


  6. yungsavage

    Stop hatin on boosie nn stfuu cause my niggah a damn beast and he gone leave his rap career to the fullest.


    Beej Reply:

    @yungsavage, Yes, let’s pray for the sake of all of us that he does leave his rap career, fully and entirely.


  7. filomenagriffin

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  8. mon88

    Love it


  9. mrs red

    Do you Boo!!Those are just songs he recorded before he got locked up I wouldguess !!And if not that’s his biz


  10. Hitta

    Y is everyone hatin on boosie he’s fina wipe his ass with the rap game been a fan since youngest of tha camp


  11. Boosie boo

    This is old just like show the world boosie not tryna go back to prison


  12. Lil thugg nagga nunu

    Say men leave my nagga boosie alone n my nagga thugg lifr


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